I see things... Signs, no one else sees.
I had no idea being able to see these things would cost me everything.


2. Chapter 1

   Ten years... It's been ten years since they took her.

   I'm fifteen as of today, and Ariel would've been fifteen too.

   I wish I could just know if she were alive.

   "Arianna! Come down here sweety!" My mom called.

   I looked outside, and storm clouds were gathering. I frowned, my brows creased in worry.

   I walked downstairs as Mom told me to, still frowning. The stairs creaked underneath me as they did a decade  ago.

   "Oh, there you are, I was getting worried." Mom said, her hand over her heart. Ever since the incident with Ariel, Mom is worried if I don't show up one minute after she calls for me.

   "Anyway, could you please go to the store to get these?" she asked, handing me a list of things to get. I nodded, took the list, and walked out the front door.

   Miss Verrader, our neighbor, nodded once at me as I walked past. I nodded back, then hurriedly walked ahead. For some reason, I was always nervous around her. I try to brush off the feeling, but I never can...

   I walked down the street, my regularly worn cloak covering my face, I saw a couple people crying.

   I should probably explain what happens here at this dark time. Well, most people around here are very poor, and... the government of Welem, this city, if... if you can't afford to have a child, they take the child away. And that happens almost every day.

   But, there are some lucky families that manage to hide the fact they even have a kid, but there aren't many. My parents were almost able to hide the fact they had twins, but they were unsuccessful.

   Well, on that happy note, let's get back on track.

   The store wasn't very far, so I made it there in about... ten minutes. As usual, it was very busy, so that was good.

   I swiped some bread and milk from one of the murky aisles when no one was looking, then, as fast as I had come, I was gone.


   "Good, you made it back safely." Mom said as she opened the door back up.

   This is our normal life. Our family has to steal to eat. Now, since I'm the only one that can get away with stealing, that's my job.

   I put the slightly molded bread and the nearly full milk on the table as I took my hood off and showed my face again.

   The doorbell rang, and it seemed completely harmless. Mom looked out the peekhole, and that's when choas started.

   Mom was blasted back, and smashed against the wall. Dad and I ran to help her up, but both of us were blasted back too.

   Three men smashed the door open, making wood fly everywhere. It was hard to make out what they looked like, a large piece of wood had flown into my right eye, small on my left.

   While trying to get the small piece out of my left eye, I felt two cold and clammy hands pull me up forcefully.

   After finally getting the wood out, I looked at the man that was in front of me.

   I gasped as my only good eye widened. It was him. The person who caused me so much pain over the years.

   "You." I said venomusly, my voice lower than I ever thought it could go.

   "Arianna Laris," The man started in a monotone voice. "You are under arrest for eleven years of thievery."

   If possible, my good eye got even wider. How did they know... I never got caught!

   I tried to get my arms free, but all that did was cause them to force my head down till it hurt.

   "Get away from her!" I heard my mom yell. From what I could see, her feet went near the black shoes of the man.

   My head was released, and I saw the man take out a gun and...

   And shot Mom.

   The guy on my left started leaning closer to my ear, and whispered, "This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn't stolen all those things, if you hadn't broken almost all our laws that kept you and your family safe, these moments wouldn't be happening."

   I felt the feeling I got when Ariel was taken away. The men were on the ground in a second, and I was running towards Mom's limp body.

   "Mom!" I yelled, taking her hand, letting my tears flow like a river down my face.

   I heard Dad yell in rage, and whipped my head over to where he was. He was running towards the three men, and I heard another bang.

   "Dad!" I shouted, seeing him fall to the ground, dead.

   I looked at the men in fear as they started walking towards me. I took a couple of steps back and my back hit the wall. The feeling I got was gone. I was helpless.

   And I ran, putting my hood from my cloak back up.

   I jumped over the door that remained, and out onto the street.

   I was trying so hard to get away, I don't want to go with those people! They killed them all!

   The street was crowded, and I could barely get through. The good news? There was no way the men would be able to easily get through if they were normal people. The bad news? Those men weren't normal people.

   The streets cleared out when they walked within a one foot radius. I was so focused on staying away from those people in suits, I didn't realize there were some of those men right in front of me.

   I bumped right into the one in front and fell to the muddy ground. Now I knew that my right eye was gone for good.

   "Get the demon child." The man from the back of me commanded.

   One of the men from in front of me roughly grabbed my arm, forcing me to stand up, and pushed my wrist right behind my shoulder blades so it hurt. I tried to use my free arm to make him let go, but I felt another cold hand grab my flailing one and pin it so it crossed with my other wrist.

   I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth in pain, seeing as the burning was spreading through my entire body.

   Then I felt something pierce through my right leg. At first, I though it was a bullet, but I looked down and saw a dart sticking out.

   Due to that, and the fact I was getting dizzy, I could come to a conclusion on what it was.

   Tranquilizer dart... I thought.

   The last thing I heard before passing out was 'demon girl.'

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