A Wrinkle In Time

Avalon is your normal 14 year old girl from Ireland, nothing to fantastic about her life, but she is the nerd, always holding the camera to capture moments. She has been accepted Mount Isa Gifted Institution. She is gifted she can over-analyze and figure things and has an Idetic Memory. Oliver is your well average American Country Boy, Real smart, very charming, Pontotoc accent all the gold in his heart. He acts and sings and he's quite good at it too! He comes to Mount Isa Gifted Institution 2 years earlier and becomes quite popular being 14 is quite possibly the best year of his life. Konala is a Hawaiian beauty! He has the best tan, the most athletic ability and has gone to MIGI since he was 11 years old. He plays every sport imaginable. Omega... Yeah outspoken, immature, playful, sporty, and yeah she's the champion lacrosse player, Captain of the Volleyball team, and on her own time Boxes I know right this girls CRAY~! They think its all good until someone finds something powerful.


3. This is a "normal-sized House?"

Kalani, Omega, and Oliver lead Avalon towards the home Omega and Avalon should be sharing. Avalon's dark Navy to pure white hair flying behind her. Kalani and Oliver gape at the unnatural color, "Hey, uh miss Avalon, sugar is this hair dye?" Oliver asks.

"Suprisingly, Oliver? It is not its all Natural!"

"Is she for real Bro?" Konala asks.

"I think she is Konala. D'You think she's one for relationships?" Oliver questions.

"Yo, Avalon, when is your birthday?" Konala asks.

"December 24th Mate!"

"Woah, Christmas Eve!" Oliver pitches in.

They approached the home.

"This is what you call a normal house???" Avalon practically jumps from her standing place, running towards the door.

  She pulls the key she got in the mail out and unlocks the door. Looking at the huge home she stands in the doorway, mouth agape! They walk into the house and give Avalon a proper tour of the home.

"Aaaaaannndnddddddd here is your room!" Omega sighs giving herself a mental high-five for the good work she had done getting Avalon's new room ready! "Woah, its wonderous!" Avalon smile.  The room had a wall with different colors of chalkboard material with a chalk holder in the corner. The rest of the walls were a baby pink, black, and white in stripes. The bed had a comforter with black and white pictures and words of every landmark and place possible. There was a camera case in the corner of the room, area rugs were black or white on the floor. Opening a door Avalon finds The Closet it was glamorous and had three rows for clothing, shoes and anything else dreamed up! Avalon walks into the bathroom. It had White and Red Velvet colors all over. She thanks Omega for her generosity and waves goodbye to the boys who leave to go to their own home.


Avalon starts to unpack, "I don't even have enough stuff for all this space!" she sighs falling back onto her new bed.

"eyh okay, its called shoppingggg." Omega says from the doorway with a sudden  singing tone in her voice.

"What's shopping?" Avalon questions.


Sorry for the shortness, but its Monday! and I had school!

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