A Wrinkle In Time

Avalon is your normal 14 year old girl from Ireland, nothing to fantastic about her life, but she is the nerd, always holding the camera to capture moments. She has been accepted Mount Isa Gifted Institution. She is gifted she can over-analyze and figure things and has an Idetic Memory. Oliver is your well average American Country Boy, Real smart, very charming, Pontotoc accent all the gold in his heart. He acts and sings and he's quite good at it too! He comes to Mount Isa Gifted Institution 2 years earlier and becomes quite popular being 14 is quite possibly the best year of his life. Konala is a Hawaiian beauty! He has the best tan, the most athletic ability and has gone to MIGI since he was 11 years old. He plays every sport imaginable. Omega... Yeah outspoken, immature, playful, sporty, and yeah she's the champion lacrosse player, Captain of the Volleyball team, and on her own time Boxes I know right this girls CRAY~! They think its all good until someone finds something powerful.


1. The Boarding Dock

Avalon wakes up to the loud beeping of her alarm clock, she gets up casually looking at her wall of calendars, searching for the year 2044, looking for the big and red circle covering the date which is todays. Today Avalon ad to get on a boat and travel all the way from West Meath, Ireland to Mount Isa, Australia! She was to start attending the Mount Isa Gifted Institution, a place for people with many or great talents or "gifts" she had heard that people from all over the world went there. She could only imagine what kind of people she would meet and become friends with. She herself was an Idetic, meaning she remembered every detail from birth onward until the day she dies, and normal school was really hard because she never had to do anything, but sit and be called names, bullied, pushed around she always finished the year's work within the first 2 months of school. She was a labeled Dork or in other frames, Geek. She was highly determined to make a new name for herself when she reached M.I.G.I because it was a place built for people just like her. She packed the last of her things and went downstairs to say her final goodbyes to her family and the few "friends"she actually had.

Sorry it was short but I want to see if anyone likes I first off.


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