A Wrinkle In Time

Avalon is your normal 14 year old girl from Ireland, nothing to fantastic about her life, but she is the nerd, always holding the camera to capture moments. She has been accepted Mount Isa Gifted Institution. She is gifted she can over-analyze and figure things and has an Idetic Memory. Oliver is your well average American Country Boy, Real smart, very charming, Pontotoc accent all the gold in his heart. He acts and sings and he's quite good at it too! He comes to Mount Isa Gifted Institution 2 years earlier and becomes quite popular being 14 is quite possibly the best year of his life. Konala is a Hawaiian beauty! He has the best tan, the most athletic ability and has gone to MIGI since he was 11 years old. He plays every sport imaginable. Omega... Yeah outspoken, immature, playful, sporty, and yeah she's the champion lacrosse player, Captain of the Volleyball team, and on her own time Boxes I know right this girls CRAY~! They think its all good until someone finds something powerful.


2. Maybe It's Not That Bad

Avalon reaches the dock and boards onto the boat, waving goodbye to the people on shore. She steps into her cabin, pulling out The Statistical ProbabilIty of Love at First Sight fumbling with the pages she begins to read. She sighs, '' Maybe Mount Isa won't be that bad!"


****Back at M.I.G.I********


Attention students we have a new group coming to our school, everyone please be nice and try to make friends the boat arrives in 3 hours enough to make everything clean so get to work!!! Oh and may I see Konala Oliver and Omega please to the office!

Omega turns on her heels to listen, blocking the ball from making the goal, '' Aww, why do I have to go!" The Lacrosse team snickers and she skips towards the Main Building.

She meets up with Oliver and they walk around until they see Konala playing the stereo system in Oliver and his home. Omega walks into the blaring house and pokes Konala, " Come on they need us in the office. Walking out of the home they all walk  towards the office.

     "Hey Mr. J, whatcha need us for?" Konala asks questioningly. "Konala for the 8th time TODAY its Mr. Insigma, Justin is my first name yet you are my student, that is beside the point I need you 3 to find a girl named Avalon, she is an idetic and is coming all the way from Ireland. Oliver you and Konala just have to be charming let Omega do most of the work, And as for you Omega you have to be friendly with your new ROOMIEEE" he said sing song toned. Omega's eyes widen, a roomie? Konala fumbles and fidgets in his seat, Oliver smiles and nods. " Mr. Insigma why exactly do we need to do such?" Oliver asks politely. "Oliver, Konala, Omega I know you guys don't really like smart allicks but she is literally a smart person she can remember everything from the moment she enter the world! I just want her to find friends and  no one else wants to." They finally get Omega to crack so they leave and Omega runs off to her home and starts preparing, Konala goes to the campus store and buys some books on Ireland, Idetic memories, and some wax for his surf board plus a large Icee just because he can. Oliver romes around the dock area until he decides its about time to swim running home to change and coming back he grabs his goggles and breaks through the clear water, seconds later Konala shows up and runs toward a decent sized wave, hitting like a pro, he crashes through the green room he comes out the other end. Oliver cheers him on, ''Go Hawaii!" silly nicknames. "Thanks Oli! I'm so ready for the next competition!"

      They swim around the whole 3 hours giving Oliver a nice tan and leaving Konala perfectly golden. They see the boat in the distance. "Hey isn't Avalon supposed to be on that?" Konala ponders the thought. ''Yeah lets get home and change real quick then we can get Omega and meet her, she sounds.... Pretty." "Oliver!! You don't even know what she looks like. Good lord what do they teach you in Pontotoc!" "Nothing really Konala." "Well then, come on or I get Omega to pick out your clothes country boy!" they race off towards the road named CREEK AVENUE. They each walk into their own bedrooms and get changed, They end up sort of matching White shirt turquoise cargo shorts and Sperry's on Konala. Sperry's a Plaid white and blue pattern shirt and khaki color cargo shorts on Oliver. It uh It'll work. They stroll along the sidewallks until they reach Orion's Belt Interway knocking on her door, "UPSTAIRS YOU IDIOTS COME INNNN." Omega yells. They find her putting the last pillow on a bed in a separate room from her's they never really noticed before." Okay what did you need guys?" "Um the boat's here" Konala shrugs. Oliver twitches his eyebrow and the group is off walking in the direction of the dock. Omega brought her phone while the boys were texting or talking with who ever walked by.

    Avalon saw that the boat was hitting another port, she notices the strange look, maybe she is her. The captian comes to her cabin, " Um, Avalon Halaway your here." and with that he left.  She picked up her suitcases and heads out into the austrailian landscape. From the side of the boat she can see people bustling around the dock. She picks up her bags once the boat stops and starts heading to the port's dock. " Here goes nothing." She walks off of the boat and looks around, " This campus is like a city!" she says. "That's because it was before it became a campus. Hi, I'm Omega!" a girl with brown hair the length stopping at the bottom of her chest, and Light caramel brown eyes had said. She seemed trusting. " Um Hi, are you Omega Athenasia, because If you are that makes us 'roomies'''. Avalon says wondering. "Yeah that's me. I have some friends I'd like you to meet come on silly." Avalon follows Omega through the port until she spots her "friends".

Konala and Oliver wait for Omega who went to sneak up on Avalon. Oliver taps Konala on the shoulder and directs their attention to the seemingly tall girl with big "nerdy" glasses, hair down to at least her backside the color being a dark Navy that going increasingly lighter towards the end and then at the very end it was white. She seemed genuinely nice. Konala thought she was a beauty. She and Omega finally reach them, "So Avalon this is Konala he's Hawaiian and he's an all around good at everything person basically. She gazes at Konala before saying, "Hello, you've got a great tan man what do you do surf maybe? got the beach for it, can't believe I left my board at home. Omega then introduces Oliver, "And Oliver he's a singer and he's All American Country. ''Hi, Avalon was it wonderful name." Oliver smiled. " I know that accent, Pontotoc?" "More than Positive." "Okay and you already know me so wanna come get settled in?" Omega said ending the awkward silence.

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