When Harry saved Alyssa, he never thought he would be so protective with her. But when everything goes wrong, will he be able to keep her safe? Or will he lose her forever?

(Dark Harry)


2. Chapter 1

 I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I felt was the shivering cold wind stroking my skin. I pulled my knees to my bare chest, trying to save the heat that I had left. I haven't had sleep much, maybe two hours, I didn't know. I looked around me. I was completely lost. No road, no car, no house, nothing, except trees. I sat up, staying cuddled against myself to make sure not to freeze.


 Suddenly, something cracked. A branch, a death leaf, I didn't know, but something - or someone - was close, for sure. I got up and looked around barely able to stand on my feet. On my left, there was a silhouette. I slowly backed up until I hit something that made noise.

- Hello? Is that you, Young girl? a man voice echoed in the silent forest.

 I gasped and started running, my feet hitting every single things that could make sound.

- Wait! he screamed.

 I didn't stop. I thought that if he'd get to me, he'd do the same as the other one, for sure. I was hearing his footsteps behind me. I turned around to see if he was there and I fell on the ground for the second time. A sharp pain made its way into my leg, and I held back a scream. I stayed on the ground, knowing I couldn't escape anymore. I tried to hide my body the best that I could. His feet appeared in front of me. I close my eyes.

- Kill me now. I don't wanna suffer. Please. I whispered.

- I won't hurt you, and I definitely  won't kill you.

I heard him move, and felt something on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around me a little tighter.

- Maybe you'd prefer my shirt. Right?

I just looked at him. He was crouched in front of me. I couldn't say anything. When he understood I wouldn't answer, he got up, removed his shirt and put it on my knees, then turned around. I slowly removed the coat and put the shirt on, then slid into the leather coat. I tried to get up, but my ankle was hurting so much that i almost fell back on the ground.

Luckily he turned around at the same time, so he caught me and put me back on my feet.

- Are you okay? he asked.

- No I,m not. I whispered, my voice shaking.

- Sorry. Bad question.

I looked up at him, still scared he might try something.

- I promise I won't hurt you, he said, as if he read inmy mind. You can trust me. Can you walk?

I walked a few steps, but my leg was hurting too much. I shook my head in frustration.

- Here it's alright. he said quietly.

He lifted my legs up and I wrapped my hands around his neck. I was too tired to fight, so I let him carry me. I burried my head in his bare chest, needing the warmth he was giving off. He shivered.

- Woah, your cheek is frozen. I'll take you to mine and you'll take a hot bath, sounds good? he proposed.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

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