My New Neighbor

Hi my name is Paisley Dawn. I just moved to Cheshire, England. My new neighbor just happens to be Harry Styles. One day he happened to come over and we both become good friends. What happens from then on i will not tell you'll have to find out yourself and read.......



Harry's P.O.V

We just sat there together staring at the stars. it was the perfect moment. I wanted her to be mine so badly. I decided that i was gonna ask her out today when the moment was right. Finally it felt like the right moment so i started off with "Paisley". "Yeah," her sweet innocent voice said". "I um... need to ask you something."  "Sure what is it," she said smiling. "Will yo.. you my girlfriend" i finally choked up. she laid there with a shocked face. "Yes I would be honored to be your girlfriend," she said. I was leaning in to kiss her but she back away. I got scared and thought she didn't like me. I immediately said sorry but she said that it was fine that its just that she hadn't had her first kiss yet. I was in shock! This meant that if she hadn't kissed at boy yet then she is still a virgin. I know i sound rude right now but i mean it in the nicest way ever. All of a sudden while i was thinking, a sudden pair of soft lips were on mine. It literally felt like i was gonna explode on the inside. I responded fast to her kiss. I licked the bottom of her lips begging for an entrance but she just wouldn't. I lightly bit her bottom lip and she gasped so i quickly put my tongue in her mouth and roamed around. she started roaming my mouth and we were both fighting for dominance. I finally won being it wasnt my first kiss. We finally broke apart and and she layer down and so did I. I pulled her close to me and we cuddled. We got up soon and left. As i pulled into our building i got out and opened her side of the door for her. Then we went upstairs and i walked her to her door and said goodnight and gave her a peck on the lips. "See you tomorrow." she said. "You too," i replied




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