My New Neighbor

Hi my name is Paisley Dawn. I just moved to Cheshire, England. My new neighbor just happens to be Harry Styles. One day he happened to come over and we both become good friends. What happens from then on i will not tell you'll have to find out yourself and read.......



Harry's P.O.V

She was  absolutely the most beautifulest girl i've ever seen. Her eyes are such a beautiful color of brown and her hair was a nice black color with natural curls. She was just perfect. Well yeah and so then we started the movie. I made a HUGE mistake of picking that movie. The first 20 minutes of the movie went great. But then things got scary. Paisley screamed and jumped into my lap. It felt good at first but then she dug her nails into me. Then i got slapped. Then i got my hair pulled. And lastly i got bitten in the shoulder. Don't even want to ask why. The movie finally finished and i was in a bit of pain. "We will definitely watch a non-horror film next time", i told her. "I warned you, you dummy", she said. "Sorry", she said. After that we just sat there, she was still in my lap. I wanted to kiss her so badly but i knew that if i did and she didn't kiss me back then i would have just made a fool of myself. "What's it like being famous", she asked. I said, "It's fun and interesting, but it get's very crazy at times with all the loud fans and the paparazzi following us constantly. She just sat there and nodded. Next i asked her the question. "What is your favorite band", i asked. "The Beatles", she said excitedly. I was shocked by her answer she looked like the type who would listen to newer artist. "Their my favorite to", I told her. After that i heard her breathing softly. She's so cute when she's asleep, i love how her chest rises and falls when she breathes. I think i might be falling for my neighbor. My beautiful neighbor is irresistible. After that i felt my eyelids become heavy, so i fell asleep as well.

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