My New Neighbor

Hi my name is Paisley Dawn. I just moved to Cheshire, England. My new neighbor just happens to be Harry Styles. One day he happened to come over and we both become good friends. What happens from then on i will not tell you'll have to find out yourself and read.......



Paisley's P.O.V

I woke up with two arms wrapped around me. I then remembered what happened last night. The movie and everything. I think i might like him, but i know that'll never happen cause he's a famous singer. I looked up at him and he looked so cute while he was sleeping. Suddenly he opened his eyes. He looked down at me staring at him and smiled. "Good morning," he said in his deep and sexy morning voice. "Good morning,"i said back. I got up and asked if he wanted breakfast. I went to the kitchen and started making pancakes. After that i called harry into the kitchen and we ate our pancakes and talked.

Harry's P.O.V

We were talking and then we both finished our food and she cleaned the kitchen and i did the dishes. I was gonna ask her to go on a date with me tonight. Hopefully she'll say yes so i dont make a fool of myself. Finally we both went to the living room and i started asking her. "Hey, Paisley," i said. "Yeah". "Do you um.. maybe you know.. go out on a date with me tonight?" i asked. She just stood there shocked and i got kinda nervous for a second but then she said "Yes i'd love to." she said. I was so relieved. I quickly hugged her for like 2 minutes and then i told her that i'd pick her up at 7. After that i left and went next door to my place. I was so excited that i think i died on the inside. 

Paisley's P.O.V

I was shocked at his question. I didn't say anything cause i was shocked but i managed to say "Sure i'd love to." After that he left and so then i went to my room and took a quick shower. I got out and put on some sweats and a tank top.I then went to my dress closet and picked out a cute black and blue high and low dress with black heels. Then i went and did my hair. Since i had natural curls i just did a side french braid. Then i had a couple of hours so i watched movies. I was in the middle of watching a movie when the doorbell rang. I was confused at who it'd be. I opened the door and saw Harry. Shit! "Harry i'm so sorry i forgot i was watching movies and i lost track of time!" i said. "Calm down Paisley, it's fine ill wait for you while you get ready." i said thank you and ran to my room. I put on my dress and heels and a diamond necklace. the i put on a bit of make-up and i grabbed a black and blue wallet and left.                                                                  

I went out and found Harry waiting there. "Sorry." i said. It's fine love lets head out! After that we got in the car and drove somewhere that looked like a park. The park was empty and so we had the place to ourselves. Harry led me to a table with candles and a picnic basket. It was next to the lake which looked beautiful with the moon shining down to it. We both sat down and started eating and talking. After we ate we sat down on a the ground and looked at the stars. "Thanks for bringing me here Harry," i said. "My pleasure," he said. There was a bit of a breeze so i got cold. Being the gentleman Harry is he gave me his jacket. I refused at first but the i gave in. Ater that we sat together me in his arms. We just cuddled there for a while. 


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