My New Neighbor

Hi my name is Paisley Dawn. I just moved to Cheshire, England. My new neighbor just happens to be Harry Styles. One day he happened to come over and we both become good friends. What happens from then on i will not tell you'll have to find out yourself and read.......



Paisley's P.O.V

I just took the last box out of the car and i'm ready to move into my new flat. I was surprised because my flat was huge. My parents brought me one here so i can learn how to live alone and be a responsible as an adult. That was there excuse to get me out of the house so they can have it to their self. But i like it here, and i like having the flat to myself. My parents live in London so it's pretty far away, but i told them i'd visit someday's. As i got into the flat i picked out which room i wanted to be mine. I picked the one with a king size bed and a huge walk in closet and a hot tub in the bathroom. As i finished unpacking the last box the doorbell rung. I ran to the door and answered it. I opened the door and saw a boy with curly brown locks and the most beautiful green eyes. i just stood there staring at him and he stood there staring at me. i finally snapped out of it and said hi i'm Paisley! "Sorry. umm... i'm Harry your neighbor. He was my neighbor! Kill me now someone. "Come in", i said. he came in and we went to the kitchen. "Would you like to stay for dinner, i'm ordering pizza",I said. "sure", he said. I ordered the pizza. "You look very familiar", i told him. "You might now me from the famous band One Direction", he said. Might be i said. "So why did you move here", he asked. "My parents said that they wanted me "LEARN" how to be an adult but really they wanted the house to them self", i said. Just then the doorbell rand and i jumped off the chair and answered the door. I paid the guy and too the pizza in. "Wanna watch a movie while we eat", i asked him. "Sure", he said. I brought plates, drinks, and the pizza to the living room while Harry searched for a movie in my movie cabinet. "How about Paranormal Activity 2", he asked. "NO" I said rather quickly. "Why, are you scared", he asked with a smirk on his face. "No.. pshhh i've seen that movie like twenty times" i said, but really i get scared easily. "Well if you've seen it that many time then we wont have a problem", he said. "OK fine i'll admit i get really scared while watching a scary movie", i said. "Ok fine, if you get scared then you can hold on to my arm", he said". "Ok, but you've been warned", i said. We quickly ate the pizza, and started the movie.

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