Getting Married (Sequel to One Diretion Vampires)

Niall and Bridget are getting married so is Zayn and Charlotte but Zayn and Charlotte are having difficulties in their relationship because Zayn cheated on Charlotte. Read more to find out.


15. Baby Daddy

Charlotte's POV

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and there it was my baby boy  crying  "AHHHH!!!" I stared to scream again "Wait there's another" the doctor yelled "Its a girl. Ms you had twins a baby boy and a baby girl. Twins, I cant believe it but, who's are they. The rest of the boys came in a couple of hours later, even Zayn came "So...." Liam said awkwardly "Twins" I answered "Baby daddy?" Zayn asked looking at me "I don't know" I said I began to cry Louis patted my back "DNA test?" Liam asked, Zayn and I looked at him, I nodded and so did Zayn. The doctor walked in and took the guys with him we wont find out in a couple of hours. All the boys sat in the room with me and Liam kept looking at me I mouthed the words "F*CK YOU" he looked at me wrongly I looked at Zayn he was bitting his lip and looking at me I just smiled he actually smiled back. "Alright the results are in" the doctor said Liam and Zayn stood up "And the father of this child is........................................................................................................................... Zayn." He announced dramatically, Zayn began to cry and came towards me and hugged me "I'm sorry for everything, I really am" he whispered "I'm sorry too" I whispered back. Liam finally spoke "Con.." Zayn cut him off "Shut up and sit your little self down and stay shut" Liam sat down and didn't even dare to look at no one.

The boys left later and it was me and Zayn he was holding the babies "What should we name them?" I asked "Um...'' he paused "Let Louis choose the girl's name and Niall chooses the boy's name.''I  said

So I call Louis

M- Hey um Louis do you want to choose um my daughters name because Zayn and I couldn't come up with on so Zayn said if you could choose it?

L- yes of course!!..................... hold on a sec. ok I got it  ummm.... what about Ali, Ali Malik?

M-Louis I LOVE IT!!! thank you well I got to go

L- bye

M- bye

So then I call Niall

M- hey Niall do you want to choose my son's name?

N- sure

M- great

N- ok what about Dylan?

M- yes I love it thanks bye I have to go Ni



''so what are you going to name the boy Mrs.Malik?'' the doctor said ''Dylan Malik'' said Zayn

''and the girl?'' he said ''Ali Malik'' I say ''ok I'll bring the certificate's in a little'' the doctor said ''ok'' I replied a few hours later he came back and we left and we left home we sat the two baby's in the car seat and drove home. Zayn was crying he is so happy just like me.

N/A- sorry if this chapter sucks but hope you like it!!!!!!! 


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