zerries secret daughter;)<3

zayn and perrie have had a kid that no one new about for a while until now and when zany finds out two of his band mates are falling for her he does not like it one bit.


1. well this is a surprise

My name is Samantha Malik. Yes like THE Zayn Malik, he is my father and Perrie Malik (Edwards) is my mother. They have been keeping my birth secret from the paparazzi for almost 14 years but just recently they had found out. I am now 15 and I still live with my parents in a cozy little flat in London, England.  I have long blonde wavy hair and light blue eyes, some people say that my eyes look like the ocean, I am also almost six feet tall. The boys from one direction and girls from little mix come by a lot with some of their daughters. Rosie is Liam and Jade’s daughter and she has light red hair and golden brown eyes. I get along with Rosie a lot we are about the same age a couple months apart. She is a bubbly happy girl and it is almost impossible to bring her down. Darcy is Harry and Leigh Anne’s daughter. Darcy has black hair like her father and dark brown eyes, she seems really pale and does not really talk that much. She is a really sweet girl once you get to know her and is a year younger than Rosie and I. today my mum said that the boys are going out for a guys day out that all of us girls would have the whole day to ourselves and we may be able to go shopping. I’m not much of a shopper but, Rosie loves it and so does my mum and Jesy. Jesy by the way is my “aunt” her she’s the fourth member of little mix and is not married. I love Jesy she is so kind hearted and can make anyone feel better when they are down.

 Right now I’m sitting in my room staring at the ceiling waiting for everyone to get here. “ Sammy babe there here!!!” I heard my dad yell up the stairs to me. “ I’m coming daddy!!!” I yelled back hopping off my bed and running down the stairs. I ran to the door and gave everyone a hug and said hello. First I hugged harry, he patted my back and smiled I love his dimples there so cute. Then I went to Leigh Anne and we embraced each other. I then tried to hug Darcy but she pulled away rather quickly. I pulled Liam, Jade, and Rosie in for a group hug and everyone laughed at how happy I looked as I pulled away. The only people left were Niall and Louis, they are the only single members right now.  I really don’t know why because they are all attractive. I squeezed both of them and as I pulled away they had the biggest smiles ever on there face. We all walked to the living room and sat on the couch and chairs. On the couch it was my dad, me, Louis, Liam, Jade, and Rosie ( in that order ). Yeah our couch is pretty big. And then my mum sat in the chair next to dad with Niall in the chair next to her. In the chair on the other side of Rosie sat harry with Leigh Anne on his lap and Darcy sat on the floor next to them Jesy sat in between my legs on the floor and smiled up at me, and I smiled back at her. My dad cleared his thought. “ ok so the boys and I are going to go to Nando’s for Niall and then we are going to the ‘man cave’.” Dad put quotes around man cave I knew he meant that they were going to pig out at Louis and play video games all night. We all nodded and then mum started to talk. “ The girls and I are going to go to the mall and hang out for a bit and do a bit of shopping.” She stated with a smile. Rosie got all excited and so did Jesy. I chuckle softly. “ Well can we go now I saw a really cute dress on the way here?” Rosie got up and started to jump around. My mum smiled and stood up and so did all of the other girls. “ Bye dad have fun!!!” Rosie squealed pulling Liam into a hug. “Bye daddy.” I whispered into my dad’s ear as I leaned in for a hug. He kissed me on the top of my head and chuckled. “ What’s so funny?” I asked him a little confused. “ I love how you still call me daddy.” I started to blush and smiled hugging him again then getting up to follow everyone to the door.

            After a couple of hours of shopping we went back to our house with over 70 bags. “ you bought way to much stuff guys!!!” I moaned trying to carry some of the bags in side. Rosie and Jesy laughed at kept walking to the door. Darcy seemed to be having a good time I actually saw her smile today. As I walked through the door I saw the guys sitting on the couch. “ hey Sammy can I talk to you in the kitchen really quick babe?” my dad asked standing and walking towards me. “ Sure?” I asked more than stated as he pulled me into the kitchen. “ Baby girl I need you to stay away from Louis and Niall ok?” he was passing back and forth in front of me. “Wait what?” I was now very confused by what he just said. “ Well I just found out that they both like you and not in the friendly way. I don’t want them near you. You are too young for them. if you were four or five years older I would be fine but you are not. And I know how Louis can get when he likes someone baby girl.” I nodded my head not sure what else to say. He gave me a hug and kissed my hairline.

            As I stood up to walk out of the door my mum walked in with a worried expression spread across her face. I walked out knowing that they wanted to talk and as I did I heard there slight whispers. I walked into the living room to see everyone talking about their day. “ So Harry, I got these really cute heels for that date that you promised me yesterday.” Leigh Anne stated with a dazzling smile. I was about to sit next to Niall when I remembered what my dad had told me and I walked to Jesy to stand next to her. “ Sam there is a seat right here if you want to sit down.” Niall informed me. “ oh, its ok I’m fine standing.” I said a bit shyly. “ hey Rose Darcy you want to come up to my room and hang out for a bit?” I asked walking towards the stairs. Rosie stood up right away and started to walk to the stairs. Darcy was a little hesitant to come with us but, she decided to come any way.

            Once we got to my room we all sat on my bed in a circle type formation. “ oh, my gosh guys this terrible.” I moaned and put my head into my hands for support. “ what happen Sammy?” Darcy asked. I was a little shocked that she talked to me at all but I was to confused to say anything about it. I told them exactly what my dad had told me and they seemed pretty shocked. “ I know right that’s what I felt like after hearing it.” The girls then tried to change the topic. “ So that dress that you got today was really cute on you Darcy.” Rosie had the biggest smile on her face while looking at Darcy. “ Thanks Rose I thought it was really cute to.” She started to blush and then Jesy and Jade came bursting in. “ hey!!!” they yelled looking at the three of us with huge grins. “ What’s up guys?” I asked as they came and sat down with us. “ Well girls tonight we are all going to my house and having a huge party this is going to amayZAYN!!!” Jesy screamed with joy. We all squealed in excitement and started to jump around my room really happy. I couldn’t wait for the party to begin.

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