I have to fake date him *ashton irwin*

I brought this over from my wattpad so i hope u enjoy :-)


3. Chapter 2

He wore a smug smile on his face.

I wanted to slap him silly.

"You will go to the mall tomorrow and hold hands"

''Okayyyy"Ashton said.

''Take her home Mr.Irwin and pack her bags shes staying with you 4 boys''



Well that took a long time.

The boys trying on my bras.


It was embarassing



I lugged my suitcase out of the boot.

"Pretty ladies lile you shouldnt be doing that"Cal said,.


"Erm,sure but-"

It fell on his foot.

I couldnt laugh,even though his reaction was hilarious,

"You okay?"

"yes"He squeaked.

"Do you need ice"
"No imma man"He said in a really really deep voice.


We walked inside together,giggling.


"Decide where you are staying"Ashton said coldly.


"Cal,is it okay if I stay with you"





She chose me but how am I supposed to tell her,


I like her more than a friend

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