I have to fake date him *ashton irwin*

I brought this over from my wattpad so i hope u enjoy :-)


4. 3


Im eating chocolate so im hyped.




5SOS arent that bad.

Well Ashton is and its only been a day!

Today we were supposed to go to the mall.


So I was loosley holding his hand while he was grabbing it.I swear i lost blood flow.

I let go and wandered around Forever 21.

I saw Cal looking inside as well.

Calum looked upset i couldnt stand it hes like a,erm,a BUNNY!

Cause bunnies are cutest thing god ever created.

Bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny.

I snapped out of my bunny daydream.

"Who are you?"A 3 year old fan said.

"Ashtons girlfriend hun"

"I thought it was Cawum he looks at you funny,like how my mwummy and dwaddy look at each owther"

"Aha aw doll do want to meet them?"


I carried her over to the boys.

"Hello My Name is Ella"She said.

"Well we're 5 seconds of summer"

"Mummy can you take a photo"She asked her mother who was lumbering behind us.

"Sure baba I'll show daddy,yea"I saw the twinkle in the mums eye when she said daddy.

"YES,Can ashtons gwirlfriend be in as well she Vewy Pwetty"

"sure baba"

I smiled and walked over to the boys and Ella,she made a hand motion obviously wanting to be carried.

I looked at the mum holding the camera.

She looked around me age or older 19,20?

I looked at Ella,she had sparkling blue eyes,ginger hair,She was literally  ed sheeran.


Once we had a little photoshoot with them we said our goodbyes.

I scrried over to the mum.

"heres my number if you ever want to talk,Or if you ever need a babysitter"I chuckled at the last part,gave her a hug and went over and linked arms with Ashton.

"Lets go home"Luke said.He looked shattered.

"Luke,you okay?"

"50/50 got a thumping headache I need Paracetamol or something."

(Im british i use british terms)

"Yea we better go home.We have a gig tonight and Luke has to get better"Ashton spoke up.

We caught a taxi and went home.

I yook care of Luke.

"Thanks mommy"

"its okay Lukey"I said playing along.

We leaned in and kissed,but quickly pulled apart.

"I-I'll have a nap now yea"

"yea,I'll eh find Nemo"

He tilted his head sideways but closed his eyes and snuggled into bed.

I walked down stairs.

Then it hit me.

I kissed Luke

Ashtons band mate

+Later on+


"NO,joking yes"

After him beating me we decided to get some sleep.

And then i did something that would fiddle with everything.

I leaned in.


We kissed.


I felt brilliant.

I couldnt stop.

We had to pull apart sometime,that time was now.


"I'll sleep with Ashton"


I walked into Ashtons room.

"hey ash can I sleep with you?"
"Sure?" He said confused.


I cuddled into him,my head on his chest.

He wasnt that bad.

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