The Last of William Summers

July Adams will soon turn 18. After 5 years of fighting cancer, she is now in remission. As she volunteers at the hospital that helped her through it, she meets William Summers. He is extremely hot, a little sarcastic, and he is suffering from cancer. They start to bond, and fall in love. But as he gets worse, July struggles to help him through it.
Some mature content, nothing too graphic.
Hope you guys like!


7. Chapter 7

After he hangs up, I sit on my bed for a minute. The Shadow Room is this popular night club downtown. You have to know someone to get. Hopefully there isn't a dick of a bouncer that won't let me in. And if there is, Will will probably help me out.

I grin, and head over to my closet. I put on my white Rolling Stones crop top, some black leggings and a pair of white pumps. I leave my hair out and start doing my makeup. I do a black smoky eye and swipe on some maroon lipgloss. I finally put in my red rosebud earrings and look at my reflection. I actually look hot.

I make my way to the garage and step into the car. I blast 23 by Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J (I love that song) and head over to The Shadow Room.

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