The Last of William Summers

July Adams will soon turn 18. After 5 years of fighting cancer, she is now in remission. As she volunteers at the hospital that helped her through it, she meets William Summers. He is extremely hot, a little sarcastic, and he is suffering from cancer. They start to bond, and fall in love. But as he gets worse, July struggles to help him through it.
Some mature content, nothing too graphic.
Hope you guys like!


3. Chapter 3

As I walk out of William's room, I have a stupid grin on my face. Its not like I come across hot guys often. He just happened to be terminally ill. But the smarter, frankly more bitchy part of my mind continues to tell me that he isn't available. No one is that hot, and doesn't have a girlfriend.

All of the sudden, I was on my ass. There were a few papers all over the place, so I got up, and started to help the person who dropped them.

"Thanks, I don't know shit when it comes to volunteering," a low, sexy voice said. I look up to see who was talking to me.

Holy shit.

I was blessed. I swear, I have been blessed with hot guys. This guy was unfairly attractive. He was lightly tanned. His hair was this amazing dark brown with faint caramel highlights. His hair was in a messy quiff. He had a killer jawline, and thick, but not bushy eyebrows. His eyes though. They were a gorgeous espresso brown with olive green and gold flecks. 

"Um, yea, happens to the best of us," I clear my throat. He shifted his papers to one arm, and offered a hand to me. I was pulled onto my feet, and I stare into his collarbone. I have the urge to press my lips to it. What the hell? I don't even know this guy, and I wanna kiss him. I take a step back.

"I'm Max, by the way," he smiles and sticks out a hand. I shake it.

"July Adams," I say, and shuffle a bit.

"So, do you volunteer here?" he asks, and before I know it, we are walking down the hall together. I nod.

"Yeah, I do. I used to be a patient here for 5 years, so my parents feel obligated to have me help out here," I shrug.

He looks down at me.

"Yeah, I get the obligation. My dad is a doctor, so he wants me to be exposed to the medical environment," he rolls his eyes. My hand is brushing against his.

"Do you want to be a doctor?" I meet his gaze. He smiles without humor.

"My dad wants me to be. I'm starting college soon, and he wants me to apply for medical school. But I really wanna be a photographer. But I might as well get used to it," sighs.

"You're lucky you have me to help you," I bump him with my shoulder. He smiles at me and walks me to the elevator. He takes out his phone and hands it to me. I put in my number, and smile up at him.

"See you around, Max," I say  step into the elevator.

"See you around, July," He says as the doors close.





A/NHey guys, its me again. So what do you think of Max? So comment team will or team ma and we'll go from there, okie? Will update soon.

Love ya ~ Joelle

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