The Last of William Summers

July Adams will soon turn 18. After 5 years of fighting cancer, she is now in remission. As she volunteers at the hospital that helped her through it, she meets William Summers. He is extremely hot, a little sarcastic, and he is suffering from cancer. They start to bond, and fall in love. But as he gets worse, July struggles to help him through it.
Some mature content, nothing too graphic.
Hope you guys like!


2. Chapter 2

Oh my god.

William Summers looks WAY to hot to be suffering from a deadly illness like cancer. He isn't looking at me, his gorgeous blue eyes flicking over the pages. His short brown hair naturally quiffed, and he was fair but not pasty. He rolls his shoulders, the tense muscles loosening. I realize I'm staring, so I clear my throat to get his attention.

"I already got my medicine," he responds, not looking up from his book. I shuffle around, trying to figure out what to say to make him look at me. I'm usually not nervous around cancer patients. But usually none of them are this hot.

"Um, no. I'm actually here to take you on a tour of the hospital," I say. He looks up, and his eyes widen in surprise. I'm suddenly really self conscious about how I look. I look down and try to make myself appear more appealing or something, but you can't really be sexy in a purple polo and skinny jeans.

"Well, you obviously aren't a nurse," he says, and I blush to match the color of my hair. He smiles and rolls out of bed. He somehow managed to convince the nurses to let him wear normal clothes, so he's in sweats and a Rolling Stones tee shirt. He isn't a muscle man, but he was lean and strong. He strolls over, so I have to tip my head back to see his face. His eyes are bright blue, with a small ring of brown around the pupil. He smiles, flashing impossibly white teeth, and links arms with me.

"Lead the way."


I show William the lobby and the cafeteria, where we stop for lunch. As we are browsing the buffet, he looks over at me.

"What's your name?"

I look over at him, and his stares back at me.

"July Adams."

"No middle name?"

"My parents weren't creative enough to think of a middle name for me."

He laughs, and moves down the line. After we gather our food, we find a table by the window. He stares out the window and sighs. He then looks at me and smiles.

"You could make one up, you know."


"Your middle name. You could make one up," I roll my eyes at him. He furrows his brow adorably and tilts his head to the side.

"What?" He asks, and I sigh.

"I can't just come up with a middle name."

"Why not? Who's gonna stop you?" He smirks, and I decide to give up. I mean, if it weren't for the fact that we're in a hospital, and he has cancer, I would've assumed we were on a date. But nothing says romantic like hospital food and a sterile environment. Haha, no.

"Fine. What should my middle name be, then?" I ask, looking at him. He doesn't answer me. He seems focused on something outside. He snaps out of whatever he was thinking, and looks at me again.

"Sorry, lost in thought. But anyways, you should think of your own middle name. It is yours, so you choose," He says.

"That was deep. Bravo," I mutter, not intending for him to hear. But he does, and starts to grin proudly.

After we finish, we toss our leftovers into the garbage and I continue the tour. He re-links his arm with mine as we stroll down the corridors. I show him the ER, and as we make our way to the rehab center, he starts to cough.

"Hey, are you alright?" I look up at him, and am answered with a series of dry coughs.

"I'm grand. Just a little out of breath," he sputters. William is hunched over, so I hurry over to one of the nurses and ask for a wheelchair. I roll the wheelchair back to where he is standing and coax him to sit down.

"You didn't need to do that. I would've been fine," he wheezes, glaring at me. I roll my eyes and push him towards the elevators.

"You were having trouble breathing, and if you kept tiring yourself out, you would've gotten worse. So I'm wheeling you back to your room whether you like or not," I say, and he slumps down in the chair, clearly annoyed. I hit the up button and I step inside the elevator, making sure the wheelchair is lined up with the door

"You're acting like a nurse," he mutters as we steadily make our way up. I stiffen and we arrive at the 8th floor. I shove him out the door, and as soon as we are out of the entryway I lean down and mutter in his ear.

"I am nothing like a nurse. A nurse would take a lot more crap from you than I will. Got it?" I stand up. I don't think that he deserved all that pent up anger spent on him, but it felt damn good to get that out of my system.

He blinks a couple of times, and then smiles a goofy smile.

"You know how to put me in my place, don't you July?" he keeps smiling.

"Whatever," I say and roll him back to his room. When we arrive, he steps out of the wheelchair and hops back into bed. He picks up his book, closes it, and tosses it to me. I catch it, and look at it. It's The Great Gatsby.

"I've read it a million times. My gift to you," he smiles. I flash him a small smile and start to leave. When I look back, he is reaching behind his pillow and pulls out another book. From here I can see its To Kill a Mockingbird. He looks up one last time, and waves at me.

"Until we meet again, July Adams."

Now I have something to be excited about tomorrow.






Hey guys. I 'm not gonna be doing a lot of these, so yeah. It will get more exciting, I promise. What do you think of William Summers? Yes? No? Anyhow, I will update soon! Please like and hope you enjoy!


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