The Last of William Summers

July Adams will soon turn 18. After 5 years of fighting cancer, she is now in remission. As she volunteers at the hospital that helped her through it, she meets William Summers. He is extremely hot, a little sarcastic, and he is suffering from cancer. They start to bond, and fall in love. But as he gets worse, July struggles to help him through it.
Some mature content, nothing too graphic.
Hope you guys like!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"July, get up."

I groan something that was probably incoherent to my mother and roll over in bed.

"July, come on."

"No," I mumble, not moving.

"Get the hell out of bed right now," my mother yells. Jesus, I hate when she yells. I look up at her from under my sheets. Her impossibly narrow face is bright red, and her hands are planted on her hips, like she is trying to communicate authority through her body language. I swing my legs off the bed and stand in front of her, smiling like the angel I'm sure she knows I'm not.

"I'm terribly sorry, dear mother, that I woke up at the very late hour of 7:30 in the morning," I clasp my hands together, plastering an apologetic smile on my face. She turns a deep purple.

"July, you better get your ass in the shower right now, or I swear to God that...." I tune out the rest as I walk to the bathroom. After stepping out of the shower, I wrap my hair up in a towel and start putting on make-up. This is a habit I started when I was diagnosed with leukemia.

More on that later.

Anyway, I put on concealer to hide the fact that I have horrid dark circles. I then put on eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I look pretty un-spectacular, and I like it that way. I wrap a towel around my chest and run to my room. I pull on a purple polo shirt, black skinny jeans and white sandals. I pull my strawberry blonde hair into a high ponytail, and run downstairs. My dad was sitting at the dinner table, drinking coffee in while reading the newspaper.

"Hi dad," I say while ripping open a pack of pop tarts. He vaguely waves his hand. I shrug, opening the fridge and looking for the milk. As usual, there is nothing inside, so I walk to the front door, grab my keys, and head to the garage.

"Bye guys! I'm going to Memorial!" I shout before heading out the door. I get in my car, and play Recovery by Justin Bieber. I hum along as I pull out of my driveway and head to Memorial. Memorial Hospital is where I spent most of my five years of cancer. So, after I was treated and completely in remission, my parents forced me to volunteer there since they "helped me through so much". I really never wanted to go back there. I didn't want to be reminded that I was once was a dying, slightly bitchy teenager.

By the time the song finishes, I'm in the parking lot of the hospital. Its a very sterile, boring building. No flowers, no bushes or trees. Just freshly mowed grass and grey sidewalks all over the property. I lock the car, and head into the building. The nurse sitting at reception looks up from her computer as I approach.

"Hi there, welcome to Memorial Hospital. Are you here to visit someone?" she asks in a sympathetic, syrupy sweet voice. All nurses are like that. Always caring for you. Always wanting to know about your feelings. I found it comforting when I was twelve, but now its kinda suffocating.

"Um, no. I volunteer here. My name's July Adams," I mumble, looking at my shoes.

"Oh, alright. Just give me a second," she starts typing on her keyboard. She looks up at me, a huge grin on her face that looks like it belongs in a scary movie.

"July! I see that you were a cancer patient here. Oh, I'm so happy to see that you are doing okay!" she rambles, even though we've never met before. As she hands me my pass into the hospital. I mumble a thank you and head towards the elevator. When the doors open, is step into a narrow hallway. I see Dr. Thomas talking to another doctor, and I head over.

"Why July, so nice to see you," he says as though I don't come here everyday. I nod, not really wanting to talk to him. He moves on.

"Today you are going to help one of our new cancer patients adjust. Maybe you could give him a tour to help him get used to the place," he says, not once looking up from the clipboard in his hand. I nod, and pull on my ponytail.

"What room are they in?" Dr. Thomas points towards the corridor on my left.

"Last door on your left. And I'd be careful. He can be snarky," He sighs, as if someone who is dying should act civil and kind. I nod again, and head down the corridor. I look at the name on the door; William Summers.

I knock on the door.

"Come in."

I turn the knob, and step quietly into the room. I walk around the curtains that are surround the bed.

Oh my god.

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