The Last of William Summers

July Adams will soon turn 18. After 5 years of fighting cancer, she is now in remission. As she volunteers at the hospital that helped her through it, she meets William Summers. He is extremely hot, a little sarcastic, and he is suffering from cancer. They start to bond, and fall in love. But as he gets worse, July struggles to help him through it.
Some mature content, nothing too graphic.
Hope you guys like!


8. A/N

Hey guys it's Joelle. You may have noticed some similarities to the fault in our stars by John Green. Awesome but it wasn't intended. Given this Movella is a spinoff of that book. There won't be any characters from the book. There are only a few things that are the same and that's probably going to be about it. I am not in anyway time to steal any of John Green's ideas. This is never going to be published. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

You know I love you all- just~joelle

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