Agent 009 mission : The Unknown sister

Does Luke Hemmings have an unknown sister?
and if he does, what is her name...

Leah Young is a secret FBI agent and she has been tasked to get close with Luke Hemmings because they think he has a special hardrive that can take over the world!
as a cover Leah purports to be Lukes Hemmings unknown sister. but what happens when Leah starts to like Luke as more than a ''brother''
will she tell who she really is? or will she give up and leave?

find out in Agent 009 mission : the unknown sister


1. New identity... NOT FINISH!

Leahs P.O.V

I sat in the barber chair in the FBI's personal hairdresser, you see everytime i finish a mission i have to get a new look and change my name...

so this time my new hair color was going to be purple, YES! i always wanted purple hair.

the hairdresser also known as my best friend Kate, ''are you ready'' kate asked me, ''as ready as i can be'' i answered, she worked on my hair and before i knew she was finished. i looked at my hair it was gorgeous! but why was it blue too? i walked up to kate and whisper yelled ''WHY IS THERE BLUE IN MY HAIR!?'' again i whisper yelled beause i didn't want to get noticed ''well...i...uhm thought it would look good so i added a little bit of blue'' she answered nervously... GOSH!


I was thinking about what my next mission was so i asked Kate (she knows everything) what my mission was, ''you are going undercover so you can get close with Luke Hemmings we think he has a special hardrive'' ''what hardirve!?'' i asked ''A17-06'' she answered ''hw can that kid get the hardrive!!''   






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