My New Life As A Vamp (Sequel To My Vampire Love Life)

Winter Luna Rose moved to New York from Ireland. She has to leave her friends. And she had to leave the one person that she loved the most. She's now miles away from them. Three years had passed and she still remembers him. Then her friend Lily, moves next door to her and she says that 1D are going to have a concert and a 5 month break from all the excitement from their fans. Winter is happy, but will Niall remember her? Or will he break her heart and say that he doesn't know her? And will Winter accept the fact that she is now a bloodsucking creature?


4. Chapter Three!

Winter's POV

I looked out the window and saw a familiar black car and I smiled. "Lily! Harry and the lads are here!" Lily rushed down in a pink skirt and a blue tank top. "Yay! My Curly-Fry is here!" I laughed at her and smiled. "Curly-Fry?" She nodded as  the door opened. "Hey Lily!" Harry ran up to Lily  and picked her up as Lily hugged him tightly. "Hey my little Curly-Fry!" Then Liam, Louis, and Zayn hugged me. "Group hug everyone!" Harry let go of Lily and we all hugged each other. Then I suddenly realized that Niall wasn't here. I squished myself out and looked around. "Guys? Where's Niall?" The lads stared at the car and I ran out. Then I saw Niall leaning against the car in a black leather jacket. He had his hands in the pockets of his black jeans and he was wearing his favorite red polo shirt. I ran up to him and lunged myself at him. "Niall! I missed you SO much!" In a flash, I was thrown to the ground and I landed on the grass. I looked up at Niall with shock and he looked confused. "Um...I'm sorry. But I don't know you." I looked at him and felt my eyes getting cold and watery. My heart broke into a million pieces. "Wha-? N-Niall? You don't remember m-me?" He shook his head. I ran in with falling tears and ignored Lily yelling my name. I ran to my room and locked it.

Lily's POV

"Winter! What's wrong?!" I saw her crying as she headed toward her room. "Hold on Harry. I'm gonna go check on Winter." He nodded and I rushed up, banging on her door. "Winter! Let me in right now! Or imma break this door down!" She opened it and I fell to the floor because I was leaning hard on the door. She closed it and went on her bed, hugging her Niall pillow to her chest. "Sorry Lily. It's just that Niall doesn't...r-remember me." I got up and looked at her. She was in so much pain. I hugged her and rubbed her back. "He doesn't?" She nodded in my shoulder and continued to cry. "It's okay Winter. He'll remember you somehow." She went back to hugging her Niall pillow and looked at the half-heart necklace that Niall gave her. "You really think so?" I nodded and she smiled. "Thanks for being there for me when I need it Lily." I smiled, then frowned. "But I won't get to see Marcel anymore." I looked down and heard Winter chuckle. "Oh trust me. You'll see him soon. Very soon." I looked at her with confusion. "What?"

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