My New Life As A Vamp (Sequel To My Vampire Love Life)

Winter Luna Rose moved to New York from Ireland. She has to leave her friends. And she had to leave the one person that she loved the most. She's now miles away from them. Three years had passed and she still remembers him. Then her friend Lily, moves next door to her and she says that 1D are going to have a concert and a 5 month break from all the excitement from their fans. Winter is happy, but will Niall remember her? Or will he break her heart and say that he doesn't know her? And will Winter accept the fact that she is now a bloodsucking creature?


7. Chapter Six!

Harry's POV

I woke up the next morning to hear some screaming. Yup. Since Winter's house is really huge, her parents allowed us to stay here until we go back to touring again. I jumped as Winter suddenly burst my door open. "Harry! We've got some ba-" She stopped and turned red. I looked down to see that I was only in my boxers. She quickly turned around and awkwardly walked out. "I'll tell you later. Just put some clothes on you British idiot. There are girls in this house ya know." I laughed and pulled some pants on and took out a white shirt. "Oops. Sorry Winter. Completely forgot." Then I stopped laughing. "Wait. Did you just call me an id-" She cut me off by yelling. "Coming Jason!" She rushed out and slammed the door shut. I raised a brow. "What is wrong with her little brain?" I laughed and went towards the kitchen. Then I saw Lily just standing there. If only she knew that I was Marcel.

Lily's POV

*yawn* I rubbed my eyes and squinted for my glasses. Only Winter knew this, but I actually have to wear glasses. I walked to the restroom and put on my eye contacts. I brushed my hair and went out to change. I wore a pink sweater and blue shorts. I walked out to smell something really good. " that-" I stopped and jumped as I felt a strong pair of arms around my waist. I turned around to see Harry hugging me. I felt myself heat up. "Harry? know I'm dating Marcel right?" I heard him sigh and he let me go. "Yeah. I know." He stared at me with his shining emerald green orbs and I blushed. He reminded me of Marcel. "I'm sorry, Harry. But I already love him and I know that someone out there is meant to be with you." I saw his eyes water and he looked down, his brown curls covering his face. "Yeah. I know. See you at breakfast later." He pushed pass me, making me stumble a bit, but I found my balance. I looked past my shoulder and started to have tears. "I'm sorry Harry..."

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