My New Life As A Vamp (Sequel To My Vampire Love Life)

Winter Luna Rose moved to New York from Ireland. She has to leave her friends. And she had to leave the one person that she loved the most. She's now miles away from them. Three years had passed and she still remembers him. Then her friend Lily, moves next door to her and she says that 1D are going to have a concert and a 5 month break from all the excitement from their fans. Winter is happy, but will Niall remember her? Or will he break her heart and say that he doesn't know her? And will Winter accept the fact that she is now a bloodsucking creature?


5. Chapter Four!

Zayn's POV

Lily walked down as Winter rubbed her tears away. "Guys. Winter and I will just walk out for a while." Everyone nodded and I walked to them. "Wait. Can I walk with you? I need some fresh air, too." Winter nodded and looked at the floor as Niall walked in. Lily rushed out with Winter and I just followed. "Are you okay Winter?" She nodded and brushed her hair out of her face. Then, I bumped into someone and I rubbed my head. I looked down to see a two girls. One had shoulder length brown hair with red streaks and the other had brown hair. The one with red streaks got up. "Hey there! I'm Mikki Havas! Nice to meet you Zayn!" I smiled as I helped the one with brown hair up. "And this over here is Brooke Anderson!" She whispered in my hear when I saw Brooke looked down. "She's been DYING to see you ever since. She is totally in love with you. You should hang with her." Then Lily and Winter came up to us. 

Brooke's POV

Omg! Omg! Omg! It's Zayn Malik from One Direction. Okay. Breathe Brooke, breathe. "H-Hey Zayn!" I turned bright red when he smiled as two other girls came up to us. "Hey there Brooke! Nice to meet you." One girl had silver hair and the other had jet black hair. "Hi there! I'm Lily! And this is Winter! Nice to meet you Brooke and Mikki!" I smiled and saw that Winter was sad. "Why is Winter sad?" Mikki looked at Winter too and nodded. "Yeah. Why is she sad?" Lily and Zayn comforted Winter as she started to cry again. "It's because Niall forgot who she was." I frowned. "Oh." Then Zayn patted my back. "Here. Why don't you, me, and Mikki leave Lily and Winter alone? Winter needs some time alone with Lily." I nodded and tapped on Mikki's shoulder. "How about we go...SHOPPING!" I laughed as Zayn got into a black car. Shopping with Zayn Malik? Awesome!

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