My New Life As A Vamp (Sequel To My Vampire Love Life)

Winter Luna Rose moved to New York from Ireland. She has to leave her friends. And she had to leave the one person that she loved the most. She's now miles away from them. Three years had passed and she still remembers him. Then her friend Lily, moves next door to her and she says that 1D are going to have a concert and a 5 month break from all the excitement from their fans. Winter is happy, but will Niall remember her? Or will he break her heart and say that he doesn't know her? And will Winter accept the fact that she is now a bloodsucking creature?


6. Chapter Five!

Kamryn's POV

Yay! I finally get to meet my boy-band-famous cousin again! It's been a long time since I saw Niall! The last time we met was when we were fifteen years old. I saw Liam standing right outside the airport and ran to him, giving him a noogie even if he was taller than me. "Sup little Li-Li!" I laughed and smiled as he gave me a noogie back. "Sup little Kam-Kam!" We did a special handshake that only the lads and I knew how to do. "Nice to see you again!" I went in his car and we drove to a girl named Winter's house. "By the way, who's Winter?" Liam looked at me as I asked. "Well, she's Niall's girlfriends now. But it was three years since they last met, so he doesn't remember her. It's sad." I looked down. "Oh. So Niall finally has a girlfriend who loved him for three whole years even if she moved, but he forgot about her?" I saw him nod. "Oh. Wow."

Niall's POV

Why did that girl jump on me all of a sudden? Was she Winter? I was on the couch eating a piece of chicken while Louis and Harry talked to Jason. "Niall James Horan! What do you mean you don't remember Winter?! She loved you!" He tugged me on the shirt until the door bell rang. Then Liam came in. "Hey lads! Guess who I picked up from the airport?" Then, the person who I haven't seen since the age fifteen walked in. "Kamryn!" I ran up to her and hugged her, crying on her shoulder. "Hey Niall! Long time no see, little cousin!" I was so happy. "I missed you Kam!" It was so good to see a family member after so long. Then the Winter girl came in my mind again. Am I supposed to remember her or something? Is that why everyone is sad and that Jason was mad?

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