Styles Wife

Chelsea a girl that nobody talked to in high school,
is finding herself falling in love with Harry Styles.
When she goes to see Gemma just for fun,
Harry will do anything for Chelsea to like him.


1. Gemma!!!!

   Me and Gemma had been talking forever about me coming to England.

But I'm not so sure. Her brother is Harry Styles. Yes the Harry Styles.

But I guess I'm going to see Gemma and Harry.....

We texted the hole plane ride there. We were both very excited.

When I got there Harry opened the door. "Ello love you must be Chelsea!"

"Yes where's Gemma's room?" "Down the hall on the right love."

"thanks." After I put my stuff up I went and sat on the couch.


  I plopped down on the couch. Harry sat right Next to me. I scooted away.

"Tell me about yourself love." "What do you need to know?" "Anything."

Just then thank god Gemma got out of the shower. "OMG!!!! Gemma!!!! I haven't seen you 

in so long!!" "I know!" We both ran to her bedroom. We talked for hours.


  Harry knocked on the door. "Come in Haz!" "Supper is ready!" " Ok be there in a sec!" Gemma



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