The UMA: Benedicts Rising

I don't really write at all, but I figured I'd give it a try. I started this idea in my head a while ago (while I was bored at work) of a not so distant dystopian future. This is just a short initial introduction to a few characters and the world they live in.

I have an idea of where I'd like it to go. I want to include chapters chronicling how the US transformed into this different world, maybe in the form of flashbacks through some of the main characters ancestors. And even though the whole idea is still in its infancy, I think it'd be neat to have a sort of series. Tell side stories, introduce new characters, maybe explore other countries and areas of the world in this future. I hope to put the "historical" stuff in writing soon, so people can grasp how and why things happened.

Like I said, I'm new to writing fiction, but just putting this little bit on paper has been pretty enjoyable. I just want to get some feedback on the idea, the characters, etc.

I hope you enjoy!


4. Chapter 4


Jorge wondered if he had done the right thing with Lindy’s body. He thought of bringing her back to town with him so she could have a proper burial, Louie too, or his hat at least. He decided against it. He would tell everyone the truth, though. That Louie was droned, and Lindy, at this realization, took her own life. But hearing that is one thing; seeing your friend, neighbor, mother, or daughter with half a head and trying to grasp that the fatal wound was self-inflicted is much more difficult. Additionally, the logistics of carrying a body all the way back seemed unreasonable and somewhat disturbing to Jorge.


He wouldn’t tell them about the drone. Somehow the encounter seemed all too personal. But how could it? It was a machine. The idea that there was a person controlling that machine had never crossed his mind until now. Sure, he knew something was controlling it, but they could have been automated. Up until today, he’d never heard of a drone not striking a person. It could have been a malfunction, it did strike, maybe it just missed. But Jorge threw that idea out instantly. The way the drone lowered itself towards him and just stayed there, staring at him like a bear that just wouldn’t attack. This machine, or person behind the machine, had the power to annihilate him quickly and effortlessly, but it (or he or she) chose not to.


This is why he wouldn’t tell them. It was personal. Why had Louie been struck while he was spared? He didn’t understand the machine’s reasoning, if it had any at all. He would understand, he thought. He will figure out what drives these machines, what controls and motivates them, human or computer. He would use that knowledge to destroy them. The news from the west always reports that the drones are the major advantage Fugares have over the Libertador troops. If he could take them down, the Fugares and the Five Cities could fall.


He thought about his plan on the trek home. Dedicating his life to medicine, to Molly, or even to Maxine seemed selfish now. He had been given an opportunity, for some reason, to make a grand contribution to his people’s cause. A greater contribution than a medical practice, a beautiful wife, and a well-raised sister could ever be.


He got back to town, told Molly the news about Lindy and Louie, and went to bed. Tomorrow he would rest, spend precious time with the two people he loved most, and savor it. Come Monday, he'd be gone.

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