Fate (16+)

'Fuck off' I spat through gritted teeth yanking my hand away from his hold. 'Why do you keep pretending you hate me? It's clear you don't babe' He smirked grabbing my arm once again. 'Don't you get it? I DON'T like you! I don't care if you're in the same band as Liam just FUCK.OFF. Youre just a complete ass, a man-whore and I can't stand seeing you all flirty with every fucking girl!' I yell as he suddenly grinns micheviously. 'You're jealous' What.The.Actual.Fuck?
(**Mature Content please be adviced**)


3. Treat

Bella's P.O.V.

'Where the hell is Abbey again? I swear this girl is driving me insane' i mumbled causing Liam to burst out laughing.

' I already told you, she's just getting something to eat, Bella. Sometimes you do act like her mum' he said in between laughter.

'Shut up' I mumbled. Just then Abbey arrived with a bag of McDonalds and drinks smiling brightly. 'Finally! It's almost Liam's turn Abbey' I said as she sat down next to me settling down thr drinks. 'Aww missed me?' she pouted.

I just rolled my eyes as Liam and Abbey began to laugh.

'Liam, baby. You're next!' Karen said coming towards us. I turned around to see Liam tense a bit. 'Calm down, you'll make it' I smiled. He nodded beforr standing up.

We all hugged him before telling him good luck and he went inside the door.

Abbey, Karen and I were lead to the small area, where you could watch on the TV what's going on on stage. Everyone got nervous as Liam entered the stage. We all were praying for him.

Thats when he started singing. All my nervousness started to fade and the only thing on my mind was his beautiful voice. I don't think I've ever heard such a lovely voice. I turned to the side to see Abbey smiling and Karen holding back tears. Just in a matter of seconds he stopped singing and the next thing I know - he made it.

He actually made it. Liam Payne - my best friend got sellected for X-Factor!


'Thanks guys. Without you, I would have never done this. I owe you both' Liam smiled as we all walked back towards the entry.

'Shut up Li, it's only because of you! YOU are the one with thr beautiful voice. we just encouraged you, thats all' Abbey cheared. He smiled in response. I could tell he was still quite shocked. The last he expected was to be sellected.

'So how about a treat, huh?' Abbey smiled looking at all of us. Karen started laughing 'I should leave now, kids I have some work to finish. Enjoy your day in London! Just make sure you'll get back home not to late, alright? Bella? You'll take care of these two crazy people, right?' she smiled at me and i nodded 'Of course! But are you sure you don't wanna celebrate with us Karen?'

I smiled at her. 'No no, you kids go have some fun. See u later then' she said before hugging us and giving Liam quick kiss on the cheek.

We waved goodbye at her and then Abbey turned smiling towards us. 'PARTY TIME!' she yelled making everyone in the hall look at us.

We were still by the entry where we first waited for Liam to be called.

'Sorry Abbey, no partying tonight. It's already quite late. What about we just go have some dinner? My treat!' Liam volunteered.

'Yeah sure, but let me just use the washroom, okay? I'll be back in a sec.' I said and they both nodded. I turned around searching for the Toilette sign. I finally found it and made my way towards it.

After a few minutes I exited the bathroom and started heading back. Thats when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around thinking that might be Abbey or Liam but gasp as I see a too familiar face right in front of me. No way. This can't be him. Am I dreaming?

'Loouis?!' I squealed before throwing my arms around his neck pulling him in for a big hug.

He chuckles hugging me back. 'I knew, It's you, Bella. But I wasn't too sure though. Didn't thought you might remember me' he laughed and I pulled back, shocked.

'Are you serious?! How can I even forget you? God, Lou I missed you! How have you been? What are you even doing in London? Wait, don't tell me you also auditioned for X-Factor?!' I got really excited.

'I missed you too! yeah I did. wait did you auditioned  too?! Bella, I never knew you liked to sing' he laughed causing me to laugh too.

'No silly, I'm here with Abbey and my best friend. Speaking of them, I should get going! It was really nice seeing you again, Lou.' I said but he cut me off. 'Wait, before you leave, can I get your number, so we can stay in touch?' he smiled at me. I smiled back before taking out my phone and so did he. I told him my number and he texted me rightaway.

  Unknown - Got it. ;)x

  *Saved as Lou :)*

we both hugged each other before I turned and walked towards the area where Abbey and Liam where waiting for me.

'What did you do in there?! You took so long, girl!' Abby complained and I chuckled.

'sorry, I bumped into Lou' I smiled. Abbey started smiling like a fool and Liam looked at me with a puzzled look. 'Lou?' he asked. 'Yeah, Louis Tomlinson. Don't you remember? The guy I met two years ago in Spain as I was on summer holidays! Liam I told you!' I stated.

'oh, yeah that guy. What is he doing here?' he asked smiling. 'Auditioned for X-Factor aswell' I smiled proud.

'That's cool.. so? shall we get going ladies?' he asked looking at Abbey and I.

'Yeeees!' Abbey and I screamed as we both linked arms with him me on his right and Abbey on his left side and we started walking.


We've been walking around london for almost an hour now.

No one of us was really hungry so we decided we could eat a bit later after exploring beautiful london city.

'm so happy Liam made it! He never believed in his voice.

Abbey and I always had to encourage him and FINALLY he made it.

He was so happy and that makes me feel happy aswell. Abbey on the other hand has been really quite. Of course shetalked with us but since she came back after McDonalds she's quieter and that really bothers me. She's never been this silent.

As Liam and I tried to talk about it she just said that everything is alright. We kept on walking until suddenly Abbey stopped dead in track causing us to stop too. A blonde guy with sea blue eyes was looking at Abbey, smiling.

Who is that guy? I've never seen him before. 'Hi.. Abbey, right?' I heard the boy ask. Abbey nodded in response and I could tell Liam was just as confused as I was.

'Hey.. ahm Niall?' she said. Oh. So they know eachother?

After a small talk he said goodbye to her and walked away with another guy who I assume was his friend. He looked a bit older though. Abbey turned around to face us. She seemed surprised but was still smiling.

'Well..?' Liam said making both of us look at him. 'What?' Abbey chuckled clearly embrassed. 'Who was that?' I asked confusion clearly in my voice. 'Oh.. ahm that was Niall, and Greg.. ahm his brother' she laught. 'I met him earlier at the auditions, ya know? he's ahm.. cute' she smiled.

Liam and I started grinning like fools.

'Awww does Abbey has a little crush on little blondie?' Liam coed earning a hit in the stomach from Abbey.

'Shut up, Li' she laughed 'He seems nice though.. do you have his number?' I smiled at her.

'No.. I don't think we could keep in touch though. He's from Ireland' she said and it went silent for a moment. 'Anywaaaaays, who's in for some dinner? I'm so fucking hungry guys. I'm literally starving' she pouted holding onto her stomach. 'Yeah, sounds good. I'm actually also quite hungry. Let's go get something to eat.' Liam cheered and I nodded.


Abbey's P.O.V.


As soon as we decided to go eat I started thinking about what Bella said.

Maybe I should have asked him for his number? But even though we won't keep in touch. But I could have asked him though. Fuck Abbey you're such an Idiot sometimes!

'hey, what about this one? This looks nice' Liam said pointing at a small restaurant.

Bella and I nodded before we three went in and took a seat in the back corner.

You could almost see the whole restaurant and it wasn't that small like it seemed from the outside.

'Hello, I'm Avan. I will be your waiter for tonight' a handsome guy in his early twenties said while handing us the menu.

'Would you like to drink something?' He smiled at us.

'Coke' I smlied.

'Same' Bella and Liam said in unison.

He nodded before walking away getting our drinks.

Wow he is handsome. Like really handsome. Shit. Stop it Abbey.

You're in a restaurant for gods sake. You can't get all flirty with the waiter.

After a couple of minutes he came back with a tray and our drinks. We all thanked him and began ordering. Liam decided to order a Pizza.

'Well we would like to have lasagna, please' I ordered for Bella and me and the waiter winked at me 'Sure, beautiful.' and walked away.

I grinned at his coment only to get glares from my best friends. 'Behave!' they said causing me to laugh.

'I'm trying!' I defended. 


Bella's P.O.V.

'This food is soo damn good!' Abbey said taking a bit of her lasagna. She was right this is lik the best lasagna I've ever had.

'I swear to god, someday I'm gonna move to London only because of this fucking good food they have here, Bels!' she said making Liam and I laugh. Abbey was sitting next to me  and Liam right in front of us. The restaurant was actually really beautiful. The walls were in a cream colour and a soft sweet melody was filling the room. It was very comfortable. Next to the Toilette's there was a giant aquarium which looked beautiful because of the lights shining right at it.

But something caught my eye. Or should I say someone?

There was this boy.

He had dark brown hair which was up in a quiff. He was in about my age or even older and he looked so damn good. Just for a second our eyes met and I felt like I got lost in those beauiful hazel eyes.

He turned back to look at the person who was next to him. A girl which I assume must be his girlfriend since they were alone.

Damn it. She's beautiful. I didn't even notice I was still staring at him as he suddenly turned around looking at me again.

I snapped out of my gaze and quickly looked down. I didn't even bother looking at his face right now. He was probably annoyed because I was staring or he was telling his girlfriend. 

Shit I'm just an idiot. 

'What's wrong?' Abbey's voice startled me. 'W-What? ahm it's n.nothing' I quickly looked up glancing at them both for a split second then turning to Abbey. That girl was watching me.

She looked me right in the eye and I can still feel her eyes on me. What the fuck is going on with me?

'He's hot, isn't he?' My eyes widen as Abbey chuckled sightly. 'Oh c'mon, Even I noticed you staring at him. But I don't blame you, Bels. He IS hot. But who's that chick next to him?' she frowned.

'Probably his girlfriend' I mumbled. Liam didn't say a word. He just watched us before turning around and looking at the two in the back. He turned back to us and shrugged. 'Probably' he said and took another bite of his pizza. 

I sighed, of course he would have a girlfriend.


Zayn's P.O.V.

I could still feel those girls' eyes on me. She was staring at me and the strange thing is I didn't even feel uncomfortable. Not at all. I felt like walking over to her and taking a seat next to her. 

You know sometimes you just see someone and then you're like wow I need to get her number ? Yeah. That's how I feel right now. But I just can't cause I'm not alone.

I sighed, It's clear I wont see her ever again so that's not a big deal if I have her number or not.

'Do you see that girl in the corner, Zayn? She's staring at you. Like, really staring' I looked up to Doniya who was looking at me and than back to that mystery girl.

'I know.'


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