Fate (16+)

'Fuck off' I spat through gritted teeth yanking my hand away from his hold. 'Why do you keep pretending you hate me? It's clear you don't babe' He smirked grabbing my arm once again. 'Don't you get it? I DON'T like you! I don't care if you're in the same band as Liam just FUCK.OFF. Youre just a complete ass, a man-whore and I can't stand seeing you all flirty with every fucking girl!' I yell as he suddenly grinns micheviously. 'You're jealous' What.The.Actual.Fuck?
(**Mature Content please be adviced**)


1. Prologue


                                           Fate - One Direction Love Story 



                    Sometimes, there are situation where you probably think why everything

                           turns out completely wrong. Why everything is such a disaster.

           And sometimes you wish that you just could turn back the time to make things better.

             To improve everything and to clear things up. But there is no point in that because..


                                            everything happens for a reason..









        This is my second Fanfic. 

        I hope you guy will enjoy and like it.

       So much love to all of you.

       - Abi xx 




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