Fate (16+)

'Fuck off' I spat through gritted teeth yanking my hand away from his hold. 'Why do you keep pretending you hate me? It's clear you don't babe' He smirked grabbing my arm once again. 'Don't you get it? I DON'T like you! I don't care if you're in the same band as Liam just FUCK.OFF. Youre just a complete ass, a man-whore and I can't stand seeing you all flirty with every fucking girl!' I yell as he suddenly grinns micheviously. 'You're jealous' What.The.Actual.Fuck?
(**Mature Content please be adviced**)


2. Audition


Abbey's P.O.V.

My phone started to ring and I ran as fast as I could into my bedroom to get my phone from my bed.

'Hey Bels' I smiled while going back into the bathroom with my phone still pressed to my ear.

'Abbey I'll be there in 5! Are you ready?' I could hear my best friend on the other line.

'Almost ready. The door isn't locked, mum is at the office, just come in if you arrive' I smiled doing my hair. I checked my reflexion. My long dark brown hair was brushed over my right shoulder and my white pearl- earring could be seen on my left earlobe. I smiled to myself before grabbing my make up.

'Ok, babe see u later' Bella shouted into the phone and you could almost hear the traffic outside.


Maybe I should interduce myself first of all.

I'm Abbey. A regular 17 year old student from Wolverhampton.

My best friends are Bella and Liam. We three have know each other ever since primary school and no one can ever break us apart. I live here with my mum and my brother. My dad past away when I was 3 years old so I don't really remember him so I never made a big deal out of it. I'm a carefree person thats why I guess I didn't really thought about the loss of my father.

But anyways today is a really important day. Not for me, but for Liam. 

Today he's going to audition for the X-Factor. He tried 2 years ago and unfortunatly me and Bella couldn't accompany him and that's the reason we are going with him now. He always used to say we were his personal 'lucky charm' and thats why he didn't made it last time. But only Bella and I know that his problem was that he was too nervous. I mean come on, Liam has one of the most beautiful voices I've EVER heard. I don't think there's a reason to be ashamed, I mean if you have a nice voice than you should let everyone know.

As you can see I'm not a shy person. Well actually I'm quite the opposite. I hate if people keep secrets and I think if there's something on your mind, you shouldn't get it all over you. I want to enjoy my life and I love going partying with Bella. She's not much of a drinker but c'mon who says you can't have fun without alcohol right? 

So anyways here I am getting ready to drive to London where the audition takes place with no one other than my best girl Bella.

Speaking of her, I hear the door open and I turn around to see a beautiful curly-brown haired girl standing in front of me smiling.

'you're still in here?!' she laughs.

'Yeah, almost ready' I said applying a bit more of mascara.

'You said that 15minutes ago!' she told me shaking her head.

'I'll wait in your room, but hurry up! we don't want to get late, right?' she closed the door behind her without waiting for an answer.

'Yeah, yeah' I mumbled. I told you. I'm carefree.


'So where is Liam? Do we have to pick him up?' I asked getting into her car closing the door as she stepped in too.

'No, he texted me earlier that he would get there along with Karen.' she smiled at me.

'Oh okay, so you don't think he would be mad if we stop at Starbucks, do you?' I grinned at her.

She rolled her eyes before laughing. 'Are you stupid? We are already late, Abbey!' she laughed.

'Pleeeeease?' I looked at her with my puppy face and she gave in.

'Fine, but you're still unbelievable' she chuckled before starting the engine.

'Yeah, and thats why you love me' I smiled.

she just rolled her eyes and started to drive to Starbucks.


'oh my god, I never thought there would be so many people in here!' I gasped as we walked into the big building. Bella grabbed my hand before speaking.

'I told you, some auditions in other city's were cancelled and thats why so many people are here' she said tugging me through the doors.

I felt my phone start to buzz from my back pocket. I grabbed it and it showed 'Leyum :)' on the display. I quickly answered it.


'Li, where are you?' I asked holding the phone to my left ear and shutting my other ear to listen to him properly.

'Here's something like a canteen. Do you see it?' he asked and I looked around to find a counter on the right side of the big hall with a woman behind it and some table and chairs on the same side.

'Yeah, are you there?' I asked and Bella turned to look at me. I motioned her to the counter and then started to walk over there followed by her.

'Yes I am. Just come to the counter.. Oh hey, I can see you' he said and I looked around to finally see those chocolate brown eyed boy waving at me.

I smiled and went over to him giving him a big hug.

I pulled away and Bella hugged him too.

'C'mon, mum is waiting over there' Liam said grabbing Bella's and my hand and dragging us over to the side table.

As we saw Karen she stood up walking towards us and engulfed us both into a big hug.

'hi ladies, finally arrived, huh?' she smiled at us.

'We would have been here earlier, if Abbey didn't needed to stop at Starbucks and just half on hour later at an Ice cream parlor !' Bella complained and Liam and Karen laughed.

'That's our little Abbey' they both said in unison.


Time past by and Liam was just about to perform in front of the jury. He was really more than nervous. 

'C'mon Liam, we all know you're gonna make it!' Bella sensed the tention and tried to chear him up.

'Yeah, I'm not too sure about that' he said in a worried tone.

'Shut up, Li. Why are you so worried?' I asked placing a hand on his back rubbing slightly.

'Simon..' he mumbled.

'Simon's gonna love you. You already had such an amazing voice and in the past two years it just became even better Liam, you don't have to worry.' Bella smiled at him and he smiled back.

'God, guys I'll go get something to eat I'm starving.' I said before getting up and leaving them behind me.

There was a big line at the counter so I decided to go out and look for something where I can get food. I didn't eat anything yet except for Ice cream. I mean you can always eat Ice cream. ALWAYS.

I saw a big sign which said 'McDonalds' and started to smile. I quickly walked over to it still staring at the sign and thats when I didn't noticed I had bumped into someone. I fell to the ground and I shut my eyes for a second.

When I opened them again I saw a guy in my age with beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes staring down at me with his hand stretched out for me to take. I didn't hesitate before grabbing his hand and got up.

'I'm sorry I didn't saw you coming' I apologised looking at him and he smiled.

'It's fine, are you okay?' he smiled and oh.my.god. his accent made me melt inside.

'Y-Yeah I am' I stammered. 'Do you live here in London?' I asked.

He chuckled. 'No, I'm from Mullingar. That's in Ireland.. Oh, sorry I'm Niall.' he smiled stretching his hand out again for a shake. I took it smiling back. 'I'm Abbey. What are you doing here then? Oh wait, let me guess. You are here for the audition?' I laughed and he nodded.

'You too?' he smiled. 'No, but my best friend. Speaking of him, I should really get going they will be waiting. Nice to meet you Niall...?' I said looking at him. 'Horan.' he smiled. 'Niall Horan. And also nice to meet you Abbey-' 'Abbey Miller' I replied and we both started laughing.

'See you around' he said before turning around and going back into the building. 

I walked into McDonalds and got two cheeseburger, a chicken Wrap and three cokes for Liam, Bella and me.

'Niall Horan.' I said to myself. What a cute name.


- half an hour later - 

'I still can't believe this Li! You did it! We told you!' Bella shouted in excitment as Liam, Bella and I walked out of the big building.

'Yes Liam, you're just amazing!' I cheared.

He smiled and pulled us into a group hug. 'What would I be doing without you, girls?' he said and we chuckled.

Karen drove back home because of work and we decided to walk through London street, have dinner and then drive home. Tomorrow is Sunday which means no school.

Seconds past and I was still thinking about that blond haired boys standing in front of me with those beautiful blue eyes and his hot irish accen- 'What's up with you Abbey?' I heard Liam's voice interrupting my thoughts.

'W-What?' I said looking at him and suddenly we stopped walking.

'Yeah, you're so quite ever since you came back from McDonalds. What happend?' Bella looked at me. I laughed 'Nothing, you guys are crazy' I said before turning around attempting to walk away but I stopped midway seeing those beautiful blue eyes out of the darkness right in front of me, staring down at me.

'ehm, hi... abbey, right?' 


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