Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

*Vanilla Twilight Lyrics by Owl City*

Zayn had fallen head over heals for his true love Ariella. But something happened that should never happen to a love so strong. Two became one. Zayn didn't handle it so well. He kept up with his feelings in his journal. He thinks nobody knows what happens. But everybody does. The worst part, Zayn doesn't want to accept that it did.

Anaise is a quiet and shy girl who is looking for somebody to love her. She is trying to look for a place in this world. Little does she know what the world has in store for her.

What happens when these 2 cross paths?
Will he leave the past behind and look at what's in front of him?
Will she accept him in her heart?


5. Chapter 4

Zayn's POV

Right now we are sitting back stage at the talk show we are gonna get interviewed for. I was sitting in my dresser chair waiting for my hair to get done. Lou said that managing all of us was a lot of work so she hired extra help and the person starts today. The only problem is that last time we had extra help for Lou, it turned out to be a disaster. The person didn't know what to do and how to do anything. Soon enough, she was fired.


I was getting anxious because my hair wasn't done, Lou hadn't come in, and the show was about to start. Usually, at times like these I would grab my journal and start writing. I was getting up to my bag to grab my journal when Lou finally walked in. But she wasn't alone. Behind her was a timid looking girl with ice blonde almost white hair with bright blue eyes. I couldn't stop looking at her.


" to Zayn!" I got out of my trance and looked to see Lou trying to get my attention.


"This here is Anaise. She's gonna be our new help. And don't worry. She won't mess up like the last one. I've already put her work with Harry and she did an amazing job considering he's the second pickiest one with his hair." Lou gave me a glare but I hadn't noticed since my gaze was fixed on the quiet bird in front of me. Anaise.


"Well, I'll have you two get settled then. I'm off with helping Louis now." Lou walked out of the room leaving me with a pair of wide blue eyes staring at me. I decided to make things more comfortable and stuck out my hand for her to shake.


"Hi. I'm Zayn."


Anaise's POV


He stuck his hand out for me to shake and I shakily accepted it. I'm not stupid on knowing who they are. Of course I would know who they are. I would say I'm that type of person who likes them enough to know a little bit about them and a few of their radio songs. But no where near where most girls get to.


"Anaise." I replied back quietly. I guided him back to his chair. "Shall we get started?"


"I guess so." He sat down in front of me and I grabbed the hair gel on the table beside me and started to rub my hands together. I've done this countless times before with other people. Just nobody this famous so yes I was a bit nervous. I have done some work with models and commercial actors but nobody this big. My mom I guess was an old family friend of Lou's and she bragged to her about what an amazing hair stylist I can be. I don't think I'm that good but good enough to get this job.


I started to work my hands in his hair and started to sculpt it just the way Lou had told me to do. I guess Zayn could sense my nervousness since he started a conversation.


"So, where are you from?" I smiled knowing that he's trying to make small talk and hoping I could hide my nerves. I probably wouldn't be so nervous if he wasn't so gorgeous.


"Well, I am originally from America. New York City to be exact but my mom and I moved over here to London from our curiosity."


"Hmmm. That's cool."


"Yep." There was a bit of an awkward silence right before I was done with his hair. I stepped back trying to get a good look at it and decided it was good enough.


"You're all finished." I said with a shy smile. He got up and looked in the mirror smiling with approval.


"Wow, you did a better job than Lou."


"I heard that!" said a voice from the next room over. Me and Zayn looked at each other and started to laugh.


Niall's POV


When I was finished with my hair and wardrobe, I decided to check on Zayn and see if he wanted to talk at all. When I approached the door, I heard something that I hadn't in a while. It was laughter. And it was Zayn's.


I looked and saw him and the new hair dresser helper laughing and talking together. A smile started to grow on my face thinking and hoping that we would get the old Zayn back soon. I walked away from the door to let them have their time.


Zayn's POV


I'm not saying I'm falling in love because that would just be mad. What I am saying though is maybe I'm willing to try again. Maybe to even have a new friend.

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