Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

*Vanilla Twilight Lyrics by Owl City*

Zayn had fallen head over heals for his true love Ariella. But something happened that should never happen to a love so strong. Two became one. Zayn didn't handle it so well. He kept up with his feelings in his journal. He thinks nobody knows what happens. But everybody does. The worst part, Zayn doesn't want to accept that it did.

Anaise is a quiet and shy girl who is looking for somebody to love her. She is trying to look for a place in this world. Little does she know what the world has in store for her.

What happens when these 2 cross paths?
Will he leave the past behind and look at what's in front of him?
Will she accept him in her heart?


18. Chapter 17

Anaise's POV


We finally landed and I was excited to say the least. I've never really traveled that far and Paris has definitely been one of the many places that I'd want to go to. And here I am. I was also excited because we were going to meet Eden. She seemed like a nice enough person to get to know and she could hopefully distract me with the full on contact of testosterone that I have been dealing with lately.


I extended my arm to the overhead to grab my luggage when I felt a warm hand on my waist and another arm extend in my peripheral vision.


"Don't worry, I got it." I looked over at Zayn and gave him a shy smile before exiting off of the plane with Harry.


"So where is she?" I asked him as we were walking down the steps and onto the pavement of the plane runway. About 3 seconds later we heard a little squeal coming from a distance.


"That would be her." Harry said sending a dimple indented smile to the excited girl coming his way.


"Eden!" He said as he picked her up and spun her around leaving her brown hair whipping around crazily.


"Eden, I want you to meet our hair stylist Anaise. She's a real good friend of mine." Her brown eyes shifted from her lover to me and her smile seemed to grow even wider.


"Ahh! I'm so glad I won't be the only girl on this trip!" She said engulfing me in a hug. I laughed and patted her back.


"Yeah, me too." I spoke a little quieter.


"Yeah Anaise is a real shy one so it might be a bit till you two hit it off." Harry said coming to Eden's side and wrapping an arm around her.


"Oh I'm sure she'll be fine, right?"


I gave a slight nod and turned my attention back to the plane when I heard the rest of the boys board off. Their eyes all seemed to land on the 3 of us with questioning looks. I had forgotten that I was the only one informed about Harry's girlfriend.


"Who's this?" Louis asked stepping forward and extending his hand out for a handshake.


"Umm..I'm Eden. I'm Harry's girlfriend." She spoke kinda shyly now fully aware of how she has to address herself. Soon the rest of the boys came over and introduced themselves and we were soon on our way onto another tour bus.


Zayn caught up with me and we were soon in a synchronized stepping beat. Our hands were lightly brushing against each others and I wanted nothing more than to hold his hand. I think Zayn had read my mind considering I soon felt my hand engulf with warmth. I looked up at him and he held his gaze straight ahead with a slight smile etched on his face.


"I want to take you out on another date tonight in the city. If that's alright with you. I promise that there will be no interruptions." He whispered while leaning down in my ear. I gave him a nod of my head and a smile confirming my answer.


The tour bus was still a bit of a distance away in the parking lot when we heard the distant screams of crazed fans. Paul started to rush us before the fans could reach us but it was too late. They soon swarmed us like bees around honey and I started to panic. It felt so unrealistic of how fast they had gathered. I was never good with a lot of people around. My anxiety started to go up and I was soon hyperventilating.


Zayn had noticed and took a firmer grip around my shoulders and tried to plow us through the barrier of human flesh. There were guards everywhere doing their best at creating a wall and they were somewhat helping.


I heard the few gasps and saw the many glares of the teenage girls as Zayn kept me close. I was confused until it clicked into my mind that I was being so intimate with one of "their" guys. Some had the guts to shout vulgar comments and the occasional "eww" and "she's ugly" or "who is that?" in heavy french accents. The rest was in complete french but I could only guess what they were saying.


I tried to ignore them and focus on the ringing that was forming in my head but I failed considering I became light headed and my hearing started to cease. Soon everything started to move in slow motion and darkness had consumed my vision. I felt my body slump over and waited to feel the hard ground to impact my skin when I felt a pair of strong arms grab a hold of me. I heard the familiar voice of Zayn curse under his breath and that was the last thing I can recall.



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