Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

*Vanilla Twilight Lyrics by Owl City*

Zayn had fallen head over heals for his true love Ariella. But something happened that should never happen to a love so strong. Two became one. Zayn didn't handle it so well. He kept up with his feelings in his journal. He thinks nobody knows what happens. But everybody does. The worst part, Zayn doesn't want to accept that it did.

Anaise is a quiet and shy girl who is looking for somebody to love her. She is trying to look for a place in this world. Little does she know what the world has in store for her.

What happens when these 2 cross paths?
Will he leave the past behind and look at what's in front of him?
Will she accept him in her heart?


14. Chapter 13

Anaise's POV


I had finally gotten into my lace pink high-low dress, my knitted white wedged sandals and put on my gold knotted earrings. I grabbed my brown satchel and looked over myself in the hotel mirror. I tried not to do anything too fancy. It's appropriate in a comfy way. I had straightened my hair and put on some natural looking makeup. 


I lifted my shaky hand to move some hair out of my face, of course I was nervous. It's been a while since I've been on a date. I looked at my phone in my hand for the time and decided to head down to the lobby. Zayn told me to meet him there and said that the place should be blocked off so nobody can come in.


It dawned on me that I would be seen with a celebrity. No matter how hard we would try, there will be some way that our privacy will be invaded and that pictures will be released. And that scares me. People will start to jump to conclusions and think that we are a confirmed couple. And that's just it, we haven't confirmed anything.


I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the elevator door open indicating me to get out. I carefully stepped out into the elaborate decorated lobby room. I had my back turned to the elevators and hadn't heard them open until I heard somebody clear their throat behind me.


I turned around to see a well dressed Zayn holding a single red rose. I gave him a small smile as he started to walk towards me. He smiled handing me the rose.


"You look beautiful." He told me as I averted my gaze towards the ground trying to hide my sudden blush.


"Thank you. And you look quite handsome if I do say so myself." I said with a smile and a laugh. He soon joined me and lightly linked his arm with mine and started to walk out the exit.


We were immediately met with bright flashes and screams. I still wasn't quite use to all of the attention and commotion and I think Zayn could sense my nervousness. He pulled me closer and we were soon ducking into a limo. I scooted myself over to give more room for him to sit in.


As soon as we were comfortable, the car started to move and the noise started to die down.


"I'm sorry about that, I wish they would leave us alone." Zayn said while looking out the window. I grabbed his hand that was sitting in his lap and gave him a reassuring squeeze.


"It's okay. It's not like you can control it. I'll hopefully get use to it." He looked at me and gave me a small smile.


"Uh where exactly are we going anyways?" I had asked him while looking around trying to see if the environment looked familiar to me.


"It's a surprise." was all he said.


After about 20 more minutes of somewhat comfortable and awkward silence, we had finally arrived at our destination. It wasn't until the salty air hit my nose and the sour smell of fish had I realized that we were at the harbor.


Zayn stepped out of the car and offered his hand out to me. I gladly accepted it and stood up and smoothed out my dress.


We walked hand in hand to the nearby restaurant and sat down at one of the outdoor tables that had the perfect view of the harbor. I'm guessing Zayn had made this reservation quite early and had made a special request considering we were the only ones here.


Our waiter came over and had asked us for our drink orders where we obliged with a bottle of white wine.


"This is real lovely Zayn. Thank you for taking me."


"No problem. I think you and I both needed to get away for a bit. And I was thinking after this, we could go on a night city stroll. And I could show you around London a bit more before we leave. Sounds fun?"


I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that sounds great."


The waiter came back with our wine and had asked us for our orders. Zayn and I got the same thing without intentionally doing so. More things we have in common I guess.


"So how much longer are we in London for?" I asked trying to keep up a good conversation. I was never really good at doing that and that only made me even more nervous.


"I think 1 more day. All we have next is a radio interview and we're off to Paris."






A few more awkward moments would have driven me off the edge but luckily our food had arrived. Somehow in the middle of our consumption, we had found easy conversation and I never wanted to run out of words.


Zayn's POV


We were now walking in the lit up city streets with our wandering eyes looking anyway possible. I was glad that only a few fans had noticed us but started to get worried when they had interrogated Anaise. I could tell by the expression on her face that she didn't quite know what to say probably too afraid of saying the wrong thing. I would just answer that for her.


After a few more confrontations, I thought it was a good idea to head to a coffee shop. We found the nearest Starbucks and headed towards there. I held the door open for Anaise and soon followed her inside. We were both in line looking at the menu when I had this sudden urge to look to my left.


I did so and quickly scanned over the area trying to find the source on why my vision should be focused on something else. I was about to look back straight ahead when I saw the black curtain of hair.


My heart felt like it dropped to my stomach and I instantly went cold.


"Ariella?" I whispered more to myself. Anaise had heard me and fixed her eyes at what I was looking at.


Without thinking, I started to walk away from where I was standing. "Zayn?" Anaise was all the more confused but I ignored her pleads.


As I got closer to the familiar female, she looked up at me and I almost fell right then and there. She too gave me a surprised look as I approached her table.


"Zayn? Is that you?" I almost couldn't talk. I was practically speechless.


"Ariella?" I whispered again. Her face dropped considerably at the name she was given.


"No, Zayn. I'm Cady. Remember? Ariella's sister?"


Realization hit me like a truck. I completely forgot about her. They weren't twins, but they sure as hell looked like them.



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