Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


4. Your body is the instrument...

"Come on then Lou, let's go back into that wild place again!" I sighed as I put my hand on the door handle.. I am glad I had my four best friends around me or I would have quit the business ages ago because of how much pressure we have to cope with! But it defiantly makes it easier with my best friends with me all the time to keep me cheered up!

As I walked back in followed by Louis I had noticed the time! Three minutes until stage time!

All the wrest of the boys had gone!!!

I grabbed my blazer and quickly chucked it on "come on Lou we are late!" I said as we both ran down the corridor to the main stage!

Just then Dave chucked us our microphones and as soon as we knew it we were in place behind the curtain ready to drop any second... I heard a voice in my ear piece that counted down 3... 2... 1-" and the curtain fell down to reveal us..

Just then thousands of screams filled my ears that levelled out to ringing in my ears!

Just then the boiling spot lights fell down on us from the rafters as 'kiss you' started..

I ran forward and waved at the croud, looking at the front row, they were all in tears screaming my name as if it was there last words before they died on the spot!

I waited for my part and began to sing my heart out! I love my job.. Well.. If I could ever call it a job!

Annabel's pov-

I woke up from my dream and opened my eyes slowly to get used to the bright lights shinning down on me.. I heard a loud ringing of people screaming!

Just then I had remembered.. One Direction must have walked out on stage!

My ears pricked up as I heard a loud husky voice began to sing the words "and tell me girl if every time we tu u uch we get this kinda ru u ush baby say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ye ye e yeah and let me kiss you" I smiled as I guessed this was Harry singing.

It must take some guts to sing in front of that many people... I stood up from the sofa and walked over to Harry's draw again.. I began to look through it again.. I found this time an old button, a 5 pound note and an iPod touch.. I got hold of the iPod and walked back over to the sofa and sat cross legged on it.. I began to scroll through the songs.. There was a lot of old classic music on but also there was new modern stuff.. I kept flicking through until I got to 'free falling by john mayer' this was the song my dad used to sing to me before he died... I knew it off by heart! I clicked the play button and as the song started I began to sing along to.. When it came to the chorus I sung my heart out unit I had remembered that Harry had told me to keep quiet.. Oops...

I kept scrolling through and to my surprise I knew every single song he had on his iPod...

I loved singing.. But never, ever in front of people! Even in front of one person.. I never ever sang in front of them.. I would have hatted to sing in front of that much people 1D are singing in front! It takes a lot of bravery to sing in front of people because your scared just incase you mess up.. Or say the verse wrong.. Because you can't hide in front of an instrument because your body is the instrument so it defiantly puts a lot more pressure on you...

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