Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


2. You don't have a clue...

Harry's pov-

I slumped down on my sofa letting it engulf me in it's extreme softness.

Whilst wresting my head on the back of the sofa, I sighed to myself as I put my brain deep in thought.. I began to sing in more of a whisper "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you way, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but your perfect to me.." at the end I let the last words roll off my Tongue and smiled gently to myself.

My tummy gurgled as an amazing aroma of toast crept up my nostrils..

Taking a deep breath out, I jumped up from the sofa and sauntered over to my dressage room door.

Gradually, I grasped hold of the cold door handle as pins and needles tingled on my arm because of how cold it was.

As I walked out I froze in my footsteps as a saw a thin, shivering girl that looked around my age sitting against the radiator. In shock I peered over at her face, she had a massive brews next to her right eye and she had big tugs in her long, brow hair. She hadn't noticed me

I began to walk over to her asking "hey, are you ok?"

She glanced up with fear in her eyes, backing up against the radiator she sobbed out the words "please.." she paused "don't Hurt me!" she shot up and burst into tears running for the door.

I quickly bolted after her shouting "wait"

I could tell she was weak from the cold and I managed to run faster than her, as she ran outside and past the bins I grabbed her so she couldn't escape, just then she threw a punch at me screaming "go away!"

I managed to block her punch with my hand.

Her delicate hand was frozen.

She began to cry deeply and I pulled her close to me, rubbing her back to try and warm her up, she flopped in my arms as I whispered reassuringly to her "shhhh, I promise I won't hurt you"

I felt a wet patch appear on my shoulder from her crying. Even her tears were cold.

"come on, come back inside, I'll get you something warm" I said moving her back over into the hall way of the arena.

She looked up to me trying to hide her tears by wiping them away with her tattered coat sleeve.

Just then I heard foot steps and got hold of her hand and pulled her inside my dressing room "shhh, be very quiet" I said to her.

She looked terrified of me... Well who wouldn't!? I had for all just ran after her and grabbed hold of her... But still.. It was all for the right reasons.. She could have died of the cold if I hadn't have... well... I think...

Quickly, I took my jumper off that I was wearing and passed it her saying reassuringly to the lost girl who was sitting on my sofa "here, put this on" she looked up at me unsure and then slowly motioned towards it, as she got hold of it she pulled it close to her and quickly took her drenched, snow filled coat off and put my preheated jumper on.


Annabel's pov-

The boy's deodorant filled my nose drastically at first but when I got used to it, it became a nice smell.

The jumper engulfed me and the sleeves were to long on me but I didn't care.. It was warm and that's what mattered!

I glanced up at the boy and I had noticed he had makeup on! I peered closer at him trying to think where I had seen him before... He had pulled me into his dressing room... No normal people have dressing rooms... I looked over at the glass panel and read the backwards writing on his door that came from the other side, it read: "Harry Styles Dressing Room Private"  my eyes widened.. He was a famous idol of many screaming girls my age! Wait... Why did he bring me into his dressing room!? I began to panic inside thinking 'what if he was going to take advantage of an innocent girl like me!' I shuddered and then shouted to him, getting up off the sofa "YOUR NOT GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME LIKE LOADS OF YOUR FANS!!! I AM DEFIANTLY NOT ONE OF YOUR MANY GROUPIES-"

He put his huge hand over my mouth so I couldn't shout any more insulting things to him. I opened my mouth and bit one of his fingers, he yelled out saying "what the hell was that for!? And for your information we do not have groupies!" he put his finger to his mouth and sucked the blood away I had drawn... Oops... I didn't mean to draw blood!

"what is wrong with you!? I tried to help you and all I get is you nearly punching me and a bloody finger!" He said to me sounding pissed off.

I sat back down on the sofa and slowly murmured to him "sorry, I haven't had much people being kind to me in my life.." I felt a heavy pain in my heart as I though of what happened only last afternoon.. A tear came running down my face and dripped from the end of my nose...

The curly haired boy looked at me and put a confused expression on his face "what happened to your eye?" he asked out of curiosity..

"oh, that! It is nothing" I said trying to cover it up with my hair.

He looked at the time on his rolex watch and he sighed sounding down "I have to go to the changing rooms to get my outfit ready"

"why do you need an outfit sorted out?" I asked him.

He smiled "oh.. You dont have a clue what I'm talking about.. Do you?"

Looking down at the floor, I shook my weak head feeling a bit awkward.

His deep voice started again "I'm just about to sing in front of tens of thousands of screaming and sometimes crying girls in twenty minutes time!" he looked a bit nervous as he said this...

"is that why you have makeup on?" I added.

"yes" he said sounding a bit embarrassed, he paused then like he had forgotten to say something.. He started again "what ever you do, don't open any windows or any curtains because I bet you on the other side of that window" he pointed to the blackout blind that had lyrics of each song they were going to sing in order and in pink high litter pen there was all of his parts circled and high lighted "there will be dozens of cameras all ready on stand by waiting for me to open the curtains" this made me nervous... He carried on "also don't leave this room because first of all I would get into so much trouble and secondly you would be thrown out by security" I nodded as he added "and by the way.. There not very nice!" he smiled as he walked over to his dressing table and got hold of the bottle of apple juice that was sat next to a pink highlighter and a beanie, he turned around and asked "by the way.. Are you ok with me locking the door? It gives you more of a chance of not getting caught"

I didn't want him to lock the door but I didn't want to get caught ether. I nodded to him and he gave me another warm smile and walked out in a quick pace.

My ears pricked up as I heard him place the key in the lock and slowly turned the key until I heard a loud click of the lock, it was now locked!

I felt so awkward as I sat in the dressing room by myself.. I needed something to do to keep me occupied!

Sneaking over to his dressing room table I opened his draw and began to fiddle around to try and pull together some idea of what he was like as a person... I found a few pound coins, 20p's, 5p's, some eye drops for itchy eyes, some keys on a decorative key ring, some deodorant, spot jell, a black hair brush, a pink Colgate toothbrush, a few bobbles, a note that read "dear Harry, I hope you do amazing tonight baby! Even if you do something wrong i will still be proud of you darling! I do miss you but I am glad you are keeping in touch with me. Gemma has just come in and asked me to say Hi.. So.. Hi from your sister.... I have got to go now because I am baking with Gemma.. Love you to the moon and back.. Mum xxx" this made me feel sorry for him in a way because I felt that him and his mum were very close and I don't see anything about a dad so.. I am guessing they have been divorced.. Aw, poor Harry!

After a little while I put everything back in his draw and flopped on the sofa, I curled my legs up to my chest so I was only taking up about half of the sofa... I closed my eyes and sooner or layer I fell to sleep.

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