Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


8. In your dreams

- Louis' POV -

"Where the hell is harry!?" Dave shouted as he began to push us out the back entrance. I was quite worried but I think he would be with the hot chick he told me about... Wait! Where was she going to stay?

Just then Harry came running up behind us saying "sorry guys..." He sounded out of breath "my locking room door wouldn't lock." He looked at me and have me dead eyes and then I began to chuckle to myself. 

When we got to the bus we all jumped on whilst harry was getting a lecture by Paul. "Niall" I grabbed his arm and pleaded "let's go to the games room and have a quick game of GTA5" 

"Sure" niall followed me and close behind him was Liam.

"Wait up guys!" Liam pushed in front of me then grabbed his controller.

Just then Zayn's head popped round the door and he mumbled "I'm going to have a snooze.. Night boys" he yawned as he began to stroll back to his room. He is so chilled.

- Harry POV -

"Okay, see you later Daddy" I cheekily said to Paul and jumped on the tour bus before he could punch my arm. 

"I'll get you master styles one day" he shouted after me.

I burst into laugher as I shouted back "in your dreams"

- Annabel's POV -

Picking my jeans, pants and harry's shirt up off of the floor I put them with Harry's dirty clothes and pulled back the bed covers. Slipping into Harry's bed I pulled the covers up above my head as I took a deep breath in, his scent was comforting. As I put my hand under the pillow I felt a hard book under it... Quickly I sat up and pulled the book out from the bed it had in a messy hand writing "My Wonderful Life So Far..." And loads of doodles of stars and love hearts all over it. It was his diary. I respected this and put it back under the pillow and closed my eyes and soon drifted off to sleep...

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