Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


7. Go!

- Harry's POV - After my solo the music boomed through the speakers and fireworks started! Bang! Down came from the ceiling thousands of little pieces of red and white confetti, all the fan's hands shot upwards aiming to at least get one piece of the confetti to take away with them, we all began to say our goodbyes and thank you to the crowd! They are all brilliant! We couldn't ask for better fans. We all got in our places where we knew we were all safe to drop down and we all jumped in the hope in the stage to the crowd could no longer see us. That was a long show! "Okay then boys! Quickly get your stuff! We have to leave now!" a deep, assertive voice shouted over the drums still on stage playing to his hearts content. Oh shit! I forgot about Annabel! How was I supposed to get her on the bus!? Quickly I bolted down the corridor because no one was looking, as the dressing room door was in sight I fumbled around in my pocket trying to ease the keys out of my skinny jeans pocket. Finally I burst through the door to find Annabel startled, Sitting cross legged on the couch. "We need to go!" I grabbed her hand and ushered her out of the dressing room giving her no chance to protest. "What's happening?" She asked me whilst I held on tightly to her delicate hand as we ran down a back ally. Paul was going to kill me if he finds out about this! "I need to hide you! We are going on the tour bus..." I was out of breath, still recovering from the buzz on stage "trust me" I uttered. Suddenly I stopped and pulled Annabel close to my chest and up against the wall "shhh! My fans are over their.. They can't see me!" She was smaller than me so her head rested perfectly in the jolt of my neck as she breathed in and out deeply trying to catch her breath. Her breath washed over my neck as it sent a rush of energy down my spine. She was gorgeous! "Go!" I uttered as we began to sprint for the tour bus. "Wait their" I ordered her as I pointed to the door way at the back of the bus. Hastily I ran round to the front of the bus and waved frantically at the bus driver. He gave a quick thumbs up and then hit the control panel, this made the door open and I ran back over to Annabel, she was starring directly at me with her eyes wide open "in" I glanced at the door and she followed me into the tour bus "sorry about the boy smell on the bus... You get kind of used to it if you are on it for ages!" When we got to my room I pressed the button and the door automatically opened. My room was a mess! It wasn't as messy as the wrest of the boys but I did feel ashamed! Their was three pairs of dirty pants laying on the floor, two pairs of black socks, my bed wasn't made up and my hairbrush and scarves were scattered on the floor. "Erm.. Sorry for the mess" I could feel myself blush. "It's okay" she mumbled as she began to walk over to my bed and sat on it. "Is it okay if I have a quick sleep. I have been out all night and I haven't had any sleep for two nights" she sighed then looked up at me "please" "Yes, you can do anything you want!" I said to her as I began to pick up all of my dirty laundry and put it in a pile. "Erm.." She looked up at me so I carried on "do you want some clothes to sleep In because I don't think jeans would be very comfortable to sleep in" she nodded shyly at me. Walking over to my suit case I began to root through all if my clothes to try and find some clean jogging bottoms and a top but I couldn't find any clean jogging bottoms the only thing I could think of her wearing we're some of my boxers as shorts but that would have been a bit strange but I still had to ask her incase she didn't mind "do you want to wear some of my boxers" I asked her feeling my cheeks glow "well" I started to stutter "for shorts... You know" I was waffling at that point as she walked over to me. She put her hands on mine and said "that would be fine" she smiled "I don't mind" she blushed a little "you are very kind" I passed her a clean navy blue top and my calvin klein black boxers. Standing up, I began to walk to the door but turned around to face her "I will come back in twenty minutes.. I need to find the boys"

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