Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


5. Footsteps..


"na na na na na na na na na" Niall sang at the top of his voice as Louis and I began to 'stop the traffic  and let the through'

I love it how even doing a stupid dance gets all the girls to scream louder hahaha! I seriously don't get them!?

"so tell me girl if every time weee" louis screeched as Niall had finished that..

"tu- u- uch you get this kinda ru-u-ush baby say yeah yeah ye ye yeah yeah yeah"...

Ooo nearly my part! 3, 2, 1, "and let me kiss you"

Oh yeah! That's what you call singing! Everyone screamed as the lights went out and we dropped down underneath the stage to assemble our selves for the next song.. Back for you..

I looked at louis who began to gesture to me.. He smiled before putting his finger up to his mouth and  before I knew it he bit it to take the piss out of me!

"thanks" I mouthed at him sarcastically.

He winked "your welcome" he mouthed back before we got propelled back on stage and before I knew it Liam began to sing.

"whenever I Close my eyes I picture you there, I'm looking out at the crowd your everywhere, I'm watching you front he stage yeah, your smile is on every face yeah..."


Wow they were bloody loud all of there fans!!


Swiftly I ran for the side door that led to another little room with a sink, a toilet, a radiator with clothes on and a shower cubical.. I had to hide!

Just then I heard the dressing room door creek open and I bolted to the shower cubical and locked the door.. "please don't let him see me, please, please, please, please.." I begged underneath my breath

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