Is this love I see before my eyes? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This is a movellas about Harry Styles the famous heart throb and know by every single teenage girl around the world! But one day when the boys are getting ready before they go on stage a very unpredictable thing Happens.. A freezing, cold, upset girl comes in to find shelter from the snow.. She had never thought One Direction would have been there just around the corner..


6. Close

Annabel's POV


Just then the footsteps faded away.... that was bloody close!


I took a deep breath before stepping out of the shower cubical then back into the main dressing room. I thought Harry had locked the door! I thought to myself in shock of what just happened, The person must have had a spare key. I sat on the sofa again wishing for Harry to come back...


Harry's POV


Oh god! It was coming up to my solo in 'what makes you beautiful'... I wonder what the boys are going to do to me this time!?


Well it can't be as embarrassing as when Liam pulled my trousers down on stage! That was soooo embarrassing! 


Ok.. 3, 2, 1


As I began to sing, Louis went in front of me and began to lap dance me to try and put me off!!! It put me off all right! I began to laugh so I had to walk in the opposite direction from him so I could sing the wrest of my solo...



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