Living Her Dreams *On Hold*

Ella's weird. Every once in a while she'll become nervous for no apparent reason. she'll start looking around, her breathing fast and shallow. What people don't know is that she's expecting things they could never think of...


1. 1

 She looked around, her breath hitching painfully in her throat. her red hair whipped her face before settling back onto her shoulders. every student in the classroom was staring at her, their eyes wide.

 "What was that?" one of them breathed. Soon after, they all started shouting. The teacher tried desperately to calm them, but she couldn't.

 "You're magic!" someone screamed, louder than the others. Sweat began to bead on her tanned forehead and her purple eyes were troubled.

 "No," she said, desperately shaking her head. "Please, not yet."

 Ella shot up, tears streaking her red face. Her whole body was shaking as she stood, her feet touching the cold floor. She looked at the time. No use going to bed again.

 Her mother was already in the kitchen, reading a newspaper. Ella poured herself a glass of milk and sat down across from her mother. "Morning," she said quietly.

 Her mother grunted in reply, engrossed in her newspaper. Though Ella knew it was going to happen, she still felt hurt. She went to the bathroom, then to her room and changed into her uniform. She knew exactly what was going to happen that day. She always did. Putting her hair in a messy-high ponytail, she walked downstairs.

 Her mother was sipping a cup of tea, typing on the computer this time. She smiled at Ella, then went back to work. Ella picked her homework books out of her bag and did the work that was due that day. She didn't do it the night before, knowing that she was going to wake up early.

 At half past eight, she headed out the door, calling goodbye to her family. she walked along the path, kicking up the carpet of multicoloured Autumn leaves.

 By the time she got to the school, it was almost nine. One of her friends, April, came running up.

 "Ella, you'll be late!" she said loudly pulling Ella into the building. they ran to roll call, where their year head, Mr McCarthy was unlocking the door. "You're so lucky he's always late."

 "Okay class. Who doesn't have their journals signed?"

 "Seven people," Ella muttered. Then, seven hands went up.

 "Have them signed for tomorrow, or you'll have detention."

 "How did you know?" April hissed.

 Ella shrugged, but she did know. Ella's dreams come true but, the bad side is; her nightmares do too. She's read hundreds of books and seen hundreds of movies where they say, "The future can be changed." But, for Ella, she can't change it. Her body moves and speaks without her telling it to. She can't stop it.

 A/N: I know it was a really bad chapter. Sorry about that, but first chapters are usually rubbish...

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