Going Away

Lyssa is a Nobody Teenager going to Chester High school Josh is Her popular neighbor who doesn't even know she exists.Lyssa has always had a crush on Josh But Does Josh have feelings for her when they meet? Or is it all just a stupid game?


1. The Diner on 32nd street

     Ch 1. The Diner on 32nd Street (Lyssa's POV)

       Me, Lyssa summers of all people. My life is a living hell. How? You might ask...Well, Everything I suppose. My Dad was abusive and is now in a mental home. Yea I know, Just fabulous Right? Wrong! And my mom... Oh lord my mom she is such a wreck. My mother is not only an Alcoholic but also a pot head. She goes to a bar every night. She Doesn't actually have a real job. Not a legal  one anyway, My mom is a prostitute. Most parents want their kids to be like them. If I end up like her I mine as well Kill myself now. My Mother hasn't been home for the last three days. I am not quite sure she is even coming back home either. Oh well, Who needs her anyway? She is just wasting the little money we have! I pay the bills, I am the one with the job, and i am not sleeping with random guys off the street for money! So why do I need her?

       I go to school like any other girl. Although I don't have many friends, I will always have Katie. She is my best (and only) Friend I have. She is short and boney. Katie has short, Curly blonde hair and is really pretty! I don't see why she even hangs out with me. Maybe because shes my co-worker,But idk. I'm a nobody, She on the other hand is actually quite popular. The "group" even invited her to join but she rejected them like the badass she is. Thats my girl. I'm still her number one, Just how I like it.

***(Sunday)"Order up!" One of the cooks shouts across the room

That was Katie's order, but she had just gone on break. So it was up to me To take the orderout. It didn't bother me though. I wasn't busy anyway. I Quickly tied up my roller skates and Set the food on the tray. The ticket said table 12. The people who ordered had A basket of Chicken fingers and And 3 Orders of double cheeseburgers. Great just what I need probably another family full of snotty kids! When I skated out my jaw dropped, For I was Totally wrong I stood still Just staring like an idiot. Sitting at table 12 Was Josh Mathews or as I call him, The King of hottness! And his crew of followers known as "The Group" Even Though Josh lives across the street In his mansion and is my neighbor, he still doesn't know my name, or the fact that I exist for that matter. He must have noticed that I was staring Because He shouts out "Hey Waitress! Are you gonna give me my food or Keep staring at me?" My cheeks Turned Bright, Fiery red as I could feel my cheeks heat up filled with embarrassment and anger. When I skated Over there, His friends mumbled things like, "She so wants the D" So As my smart ass self I Informed her "I'm sorry miss We are out of Sunny D" with a smirk. She just Shrugged and gave me an evil glare. I just giggled.

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