Going Away

Lyssa is a Nobody Teenager going to Chester High school Josh is Her popular neighbor who doesn't even know she exists.Lyssa has always had a crush on Josh But Does Josh have feelings for her when they meet? Or is it all just a stupid game?


3. He found me (Lyssa)

Did he seriously just do that?! My life is over, Just over. He has embarrassed me to my breaking point. Then he apologizes, Just how pathetic.

I did think his shout out was somewhat funny, but he has still managed to break my heart. I thought he would be nice! He is the complete opposite though. He is such a jerk! can't believe the "oh so innosent'  (I soon figured out was not so innocent) Josh Mathews could be such an arse hole.



As soon as the clock turns to 6:30 and I hear a loud ringing awaking me. I open my eyes to see a bright sun shining through my window into my face. I feel like a vampire, shielding from the sun, hiding into darkness. I slowly get up being aware of the brightness of the sun. As soon as my eyes adjust, I get up and go to my closet.


    I pick out a black crop top with white print going across  horizontily reapeatedly saying love. I got out a pair of white skinny jeans and hopped into them.

    Once I got to the bathroom  I decided to straiten my Long golden hair, I brushed my teeth,and  put on my glasses. I then grabbed my Purple Book bag and slid it over my shoulder. On my way out I decided to peek into my mums room and see if she was back or not. I carefully creeked the door open. I was not surprised she wasn't back.


     I opened the door to my apartment to see a really cute Josh across the street, walking out his door. He was wearing a really nice button down, torquise, and green plaid shirt. Of coarse out of all the possible times he could of noticed me, NOW he finally noticed me. Honestly I wish somebody would kill me on the spot, right then, right there.

   I got into my Black truck and turned the key into the ignition it started to rumble and slowly died down... my truck died, it died at the worst possible time on the worst possible day.

"Small world huh? You need a ride?" I already knew who it was and didn't even bother to turn around.

"No, I will just walk" I spoke with irritation in my voice.

"You can walk 7 miles In 25 min?"

   I kept on walking away from him knowing what he had said was true, but oh well I will just be late... no biggy.

"Fine, but I am at least walking with you!" he yelled as he ran up to me.

I stuck my middle fingers up at him and kept walking in silence. Of coarse he ran back up to me and gave me his charming smile

I sighed in defeat.

We kept walking tell we finally got to the school paring lot. School had started 15 minutes ago and I was exhausted from walking. He had found me...


A/N   Hi! Heres chapter 3. so I decided since I haven't gotten ANY feed back I am not going to update again tell people start telling me what they think of it I  already have chapter 4 written out I'm just waiting for feed back!!! so comment what you think!

-xoxo Kayla :)





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