Going Away

Lyssa is a Nobody Teenager going to Chester High school Josh is Her popular neighbor who doesn't even know she exists.Lyssa has always had a crush on Josh But Does Josh have feelings for her when they meet? Or is it all just a stupid game?


2. A smirk, a wink, and one crappy apology (Josh's POV)

I Laughed to myself at her sarcastic remark. I kinda felt bad for what I said But I couldnt do anything in front of my friends so I just smirked and seductively winked. She just rolled her eyes at me. Exactly what I was shooting for. She set our plates down, Gave us our drinks and skated away.

I whistled as she Skated away noticing her skirt was a little to high and you could see her underwear. Her cheeks instantly went blushed and I could see a look of disgust and embarrassment in her face


As we continued to eat I couldn't help but notice she kept looking over at me every Couple of minutes With a Angry expression on her face. Man I was starting to feel really bad about my smart mouth comments. The guilt was just killing me. I needed to do something. 


       I know...I know I don't come off as the nicest person in the world in fact Im quite an asshole at times, But I'm actually a softie at heart.


   "I'm sorry" I mouth in her direction as she is still looking at me over the counter.

   She just rolled her eyes at me. Why does she keep doing that!!! I hate it.

 Without thinking I thoughtlessly just yell out "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!" 

My "friends" just are staring cluelessly at me like I was an idiot, That girl on the other hand is laughing her bum off Behind the counter As she was disappearing into the kitchen Knowing I was referring to her.

"Umm sorry I just got a text And I got pissed off and lost my cool" I llied 

They understood and we countinued to eat our food



HEY GUYS!!!  This is my first movella!!! And I hope you like it please give me constructional critism but dont be mean and tell me what you think Thank you!!!

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