Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


17. wha-what?

Amber's View-

I turned around stepping back to have my back against my window. I put my hand over my mouth, staring at louis. He stared back at me, the sunshine making him features more clearer. I reached my hand out to touch his cheek. Louis put his hand over mine. My heart beat increasing by the second. I removed my hand from his, stepping away from the window. I looked back at him to make sure I wasn't dreaming or something.


"Is there something wrong" He smiled at me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Well I realized that I couldn't loose you again and have you walk away from me, so I came after you" louis put his hands in the pocket of his acid wash jean jacket.

"Why?! This is why I left" I said walking to one side of my room

"I'm not following"

"I can't see you cry anymore or be upset because I can't remember what we had, so I left thinking it would be better if Danielle, you and everyone else didn't have me in their life"

"Well that's a fucking terrible idea because I can't live with out you in my life" louis walked over to me

"Might as well not live" I mumbled, louis chuckled

"What does that mean?"

"It means... louis I know you don't love me. You might say you do because of what we had but do you really still have that crazy love rush for me?! After all this time you have hope" I said, louis shook his head laughing as he walked closer to me.


"I don't get what's so funny?" I said annoyed putting my hands on his chest from coming any closer to me. Louis grabbed my hands putting them together as he pinned me on my room door.

"Babe, you don't get it. That's what so funny" he smiled

"Get wh-

I closed my eyes, as we kissed, I felt his hand on my cheek. The other reaching its way to fully grasp my hip. Louis pulled away, laying his head to the side of my ear.

"That I'm crazy about you and I have hope that we can make this work" he whispered, kissing just under my ear.  We just stared at each other for ages, I got this feeling of wanting to cry. I have no idea why, So I just wrapped my arms around louis not wanting to let go.

"One thing How did you get in my room?" I asked my voice sounding funny as it was against louis's chest.

"I waited till your parents left"

"So what exactly is your plan?" I looked up at louis

"To kiss you till dawn" he kissed my nose

"Wrong answer" I pinched his arm, his tummy vibrating from his laughter

"We could just stand here hugging, after all I like you in my arms"

"A woah-kay Romero" I pulled away from the hug patting his chest. I fixed my hair brushing it with my fingers. A thump noise came from my window, I raised my eyebrow at Louis. Walking towards the window I opened it to see everyone.


"Danielle!! Zayn!" I yelled

"Oh yeah! I came here with everybody" louis said coming to my side waving at everyone.

"Stop making out and open the front door!" zayn yelled. I ran out my room rushing down the stairs to open the front door, Liam and harry already standing at it. I hugged them both at the same time. Niall coming with Danielle and zayn. I hugged Niall, Danielle and I came to zayn, slapping his arm

"We weren't making out" I said

"Ya we were" louis said

"Louis!" I yelled

"Ha! Sure" zayn winked

"So why did you guys come after me? Can you also not live with out me?"

Dani: "Of course" She smiled

Niall: "But call me neil one more time and I will try to live with out you"

"I'm sorry I don't  know how to spell it"

Harry: "Oh and babe its harry.... I don't know who's Henry"

Liam: "Leave her alone it's not her fault she's shit at spelling like louis"

Louis: "Hey! But true"

"Okay, so! Anyways!"

Danielle: where's your parents?

"They went out"

Liam: well hope they get back soon cause we've got lots of explaining to do.


Zayn: on how you lost your memory

Louis: the last thing we knew about you was you left in your car, to the train. After that was shit communication

"In meanwhile do you guys want anything to drink or snacks"

Harry: do you have a water bottle

Niall: mm some crisps

I walked to the pantry getting crisps, and a water bottle from the fridge. I handed them to Niall and harry.

"I think your parents are home" Liam said moving the curtains to look out the window.


"What do we do?" I panicked

Danielle: wait for them to get inside

Louis: "don't worry we got this" he held my hand

The front door open my nana, mum and dad coming in with grocery bags. They stood their in shock.


"All of you get out!" My dad yelled setting the groceries down going up to me and yanking my arm away from Louis's.

"Psh she's not going with you" louis grabbed my arm

"Oh is that so Amber?"

"Look, both of you let go of me" I yelled. They released their grip, I rubbed my wrist. "Now dad they aren't leaving until you explain, along with mum what happen how did I loose my memory"

"What are you talking about, you never lost your memory" my mum said


"Rubbish!" Liam yelled

"What" I asked confused

"Honestly just tell her already Dave, Tell everyone that Amber has been living a lie for the past what? Three years"  my nan took a deep sigh walking away to the kitchen.


"What everything has been a lie" I asked feeling like I could faint any second now.

"It was you guys that made her loose her memory" Niall asked

"Yes and no, we had a reason to do it" my dad said

"Reason? To what! Take away my boyfriend, friends, close family members any joy from my life what the fuck were you thinking!" I cried, Danielle and louis comforting me.

"No amber, we didn't cause you to loose your memory.... Louis did" my mum said and I lost the ability to speak


"Wa- what" I stood up

"No I didn't!" Louis exclaimed


A/N) ah..... lame cliff hanger :0 Poor Amber she's so confused. But don't worry we will get a flash back!

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