Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


19. wha-what? part 3

Amber's view- 

I slammed my door shut; crying. I was mad, why did my parents choose this? To protect everyone else's feelings but what about me?! I suffer the most not being able to remember my first love and my hell of amazing friends. How close I became to louis family and just the memories in general. I took a deep breath looking at the mirror, just thinking about how might louis feel.... I quickly wiped my face. Looking out my window to see if he was still here to my luck he was. I ran out my room, running down the stairs and out the front door. I wiped my nose, knocking on the window. Louis looked up at the window his crystal blue eyes looking at me with pain and regret. I walked to the other end of the car getting in. 

It was silent. Nothing but our sniffles was audible. 

"Please don't cry this isn't your fault" I said shakily 

"It is my fault! I'm a fuck up! None of this would be happening if it wasn't for me." Louis put his face into his palms. 

"Louis" I cooed pulling him into hug rubbing his back. "If anything it is my fault and I don't want to see you like this" I felt a fresh tear go down my cheek. "My father was only trying to protect us, but he hurt us in a way he didn't know of. Keeping us away in hope you wouldn't come asking for me was his plan. He was thinking of you but he didn't see that keeping me away from my friends and boyfriend would soon start some wondering. Plus I'm the idiot I yelled at him. I answered the text. I'm the fuck up louis not you so please don't take this out on you" I breathed out 

"I could have killed that do you know how I feel how guilty yet thankful. That you didn't die." 

"It's history and that's what my dad said" my voice went into whisper mode then up again "but hey this isn't my fault nor is it yours it's his. It's his dumb ass of a thought"  

"Amber He isn't a bad man in a way I see what he tried to do and I give him props but amber he loves you. Just imagine how he must of felt? He thought he could give you a better life with out having to relive the past. And even though it might not have worked out. You know he is sorry and regretting what he did." 

It grew silent once again. 

Louis hand reached for my thigh, I looked up at him. "Go" he said. I knew he was right but. Ohhh when did things get so difficult. I squeezed louis hand getting out his car. I walked to one side of my house unlocking the back gate. I looked around spotting my father sitting on a log. I approached him sitting by his side. I kicked a round and took a look around the ol' backyard. Looked at the birds and the sky then finally at my father.


"I'm sorry father" I finally said.

 I heard him take a deep breath "No amber I am sorry. Please understand I only did it thinking it would help you but things didn't work out like I planed it to be"

"It's okay dad" 

"When your grandma died I saw how hard it was for you to loose someone you love. And I know you love that louis kid. When they informed me you were in the hospital I was scared out of my mind on what had happen to you. My only daughter, I was thankful I hadn't lost you. When they told me it was amnesia. I didn't know what to think our house was being sold and we had no choice but to go with your mums, mum in Sweden. To have had you see your friends then leave to Sweden and the struggle you would have trying to remember what they each meant to you. Amber I knew it as going to be a stressful process and I just didn't want that for you." 

" we would have done that stressful process together. In doncaster dad. You, me, mum. The boys, louis and Danielle. Daddy we could have figured out something" I said with tears forming in my eyes but they didn't fall. 


"I'm so sorry amber I wasn't thinking I had so much on my mind really the only solution was to leave and I now see that was a mistake, I truly am sorry" I hugged my dad, I cried on his shoulder. He tried to keep it in but the tears fell like a fountain. 

"I love you daddy" 

"I love you too ember" it was a peaceful silence. I cherished this moment with my daddy. He wiped his eyes standing up. "Come on am, let's go with the rest" 

"Ok Dad, but just one thing" I sniffled 

"Anything dear" 

"Promise me, we can go back to Doncaster and live our old life" 

"I'd like that, my old office and our nice home. The weather" I smiled as I listen to my father babble on. 



Authors Note: Ahhh a happy ending! hmm is this the end? oh and my dearest apologies for not updating sooner bye! :) xx leave comments on wha cha think!

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