Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


18. wha-what? Part 2

Dad: "So you think you're Mr. Innocent?" 

Louis: of course! Why would I make Amber loose her memory?! 

Dad: let's just take a step back.... 


I reached over to get my phone, slightly glancing at it since I'm driving.

From Louis' is the only thing I saw. I opened it looking down

From Louis: Never forget me babe xx 

I smiled, tears going down my cheeks 


was the last thing I heard followed by blurriness.

Dad's Flash back Pov: 

"Where is she!?" I asked my wife 

"Maybe she's running a bit late" 

"Bit late... We have to get going if we wanna make it by noon" I said my phone ringing. I quickly took it out, answering with out seeing who it was. 

"Hello?" I said "wha-what?!" "How, what, where. Okay... Yes. Thank you"  I hanged up pacing from one side of the train stop to the other

"Who was it?" 

"Wembley hospital..." 

"What? Who's in the hospital?"


"What! Why? That's two hour away from doncaster" 

"Come on we have to get tickets for the next departure to Wembley!" We ran to the ticket booth getting two quick tickets that left in 15 minutes. I was worried, nervous and scared mixed emotions on what could have happened to Amber. 

Moments later- 

We arrived at the hospital... Not knowing where exactly to go. I walked up to the front desk my wife closely behind. 

"Hello how can I assist you" 

"I'm here to see my daughter Amber Parker" 

"Ok sir, she is on the third floor" I grabbed my wife's hand thanking the women going into the elevator. We got to the third floor going to the front desk I asked to see amber and they told me in two minutes. I sat nervously in the waiting room with my wife. 

"Parents of Amber Parker?" 

We stood up.

"Yes doctor" 

"Before you go in there. I have to warn you that Amber has amnesia. She got in a car incident. The driver quickly which she crashed into quickly called 911 and she made is to the hospital with minor injuries"  


"amber" my wife said in a shock whisper tone 

"So-so she's forgotten everything?" 

"Hopefully not, I want her to see her parents and remember" the doctor said opening ambers room door. We walked in, amber looking out the window. She turned to us with a confused face. The doctor whispering to us not to overwhelm her with questions as he walked out


"Sweetie! Do you remember me It's mommy"  I stared at Amber wrinkle her eyebrows in deep thought 


"Yes! Yes darling" she ran up to Amber giving her a hug.

"And you must be dad?" Amber question I shook my head smiling. The doctor walked back in.  Flash back over- 

"We had to stay in Wembley for about a week. The doctor asking if Amber had any friends that would help her regain her memory and I knew from that moment. I didn't want anyone to suffer.  So I decided to keep ambers memory loss a secret. I knew how much you loved my amber, louis but I didn't want you finding out about this because I knew you would be devastated.  I didn't want anyone finding out the tragic news so I took away her phone anytime anyone of you texted her I made sure to make it clear that she wasn't available." 

I finished talking and I couldn't read them. Were they mad? Upset?... Louis stood up and walked out the door. 

"Wow thanks a lot dad! Did you honestly think that would solve everything to isolate me from the things I love? Things that have meaning to me!" Amber yelled 

"I did it for your own good!" I yelled back 

"Psh own good!" She climbed up the stairs 

"Why am I the victim? You were the one who decided to answer the damn text you're fucking lucky you didn't die!"  I stormed out to the back yard. 

Danielle's point of view- 

Louis walked out of the house. Amber ran to her room and her father went out back. I looked among Amber's mum, Niall, Liam, zayn and harry. None of us knew what to really say or do. But I do know what Mr. Parker said was true she's lucky it was just amnesia and not death. If we were informed this had happen we could have easily help her regain her memory at the spot but it's been 2 years. I'm afraid that's not possible anymore. 


Louis point of view- 

This is all my fucking fault! Ugh I'm such a shit head a prick. I punched the car seat. Why don't I get hit by a car and do everyone a favor? If I could only turn back time and stopped myself from sending this stupid text message and stopped all this madness from happening. 

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