Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


1. What Happen

 Louis Point Of View-

It's been a year since after amber left. I miss her to pieces, I've tried texting her and calling but one day I got a text saying ' Wrong number leave me alone'... Which is weird cause I swear its hers, Danielle had the same problem telling me she might have change it. By why wouldn't she let me know? Did I do something wrong? From then on I haven't tried contacting her. But on the brighter side, Simon sighed us to his record label, Syco records, and we've just released our single What makes you beautiful. My schedule has been pretty busy with us being on I Carly, SNL, the kids choice awards,And Our first tour! I haven't really seen my sisters or mum. 

Amber's point of view- 

"Amber can you get some groceries, I need eggs, cheese lettuce,tomatoes and some fruit" I put my phone down looking up at my mother 

"Yeah sure" I put my phone in my back pocket, taking her list. I turned on the car driving down to the mini mart. 

I grabbed a kart, looking around at cereals, seeing a food sample booth. I smiled walking towards it taking a ritzs cracker with some sort of cream, which actually wasn't that bad I took another driving the kart towards the magazine and cards Aisle. I don't know why my grandma likes these celebrity gossip magazines. I ate up the chip, crouching down to get a People magazine. Picking up a j-14 magazine to get it out the way. For some reason I couldn't stop starring at the cover with these new artist I guess. I don't know it felt like I knew him, like I've seen these faces before. Sounds crazy.... I know. I laughed putting down the magazine grabbing the people one. I looked at my mums list seeing I need apples. 

I ripped a plastic bag getting about 5. Going to the register

I was taking out the groceries putting them on the kitchen counter. I put away the frozen goods, taking the magazine

"Mormor I got your magazine" I said handing it to her. She thanked me and I walked up to my room. I laid on my bed, I swear I've seen that guys face on the magazine before... 

" amber I was wondering if you still had my stapler" my dad walked in my room 

"It's on my desk" I said, he went and took it about to walk out when it hit me. My cousin!  "Dad!" I yelled 

"Yes?" He poked his head back in my room 

"Do you still have those pictures of my cousin?" I asked him giving me a strange look 

"Georgia?" He asked 

"No the guy!" 

"Ohh um Alex" my dad looked a bit tensed "pictures?" 

"Yeah on mums phone, or old should I say"  

"No I donated it"  

"Aw okay" I sighed, my dad walked away. Maybe if I ask mum where they donated it. I walked to her room, not seeing her there she's probably in her garden. I walked down the stairs opening the back door 

"Ma!" I yelled 

"Yes sweetie" 

"Your old phone where did you donate it?" 

"My old phone?" 

"The black berry" 

"I didn't donate it, it's upstairs" she looked at me weirdly. 

"Never mind" I smiled, I ran up the stairs, snooping through her room. Bingo! I yelled taking the phone, I went to the camera roll seeing the pictures. It's weird most of these contained pictures of me and little girls with blonde hair and blue eyes, my dad and mum told me they're all my cousins... I don't remember meeting them. I scrolled through a few more finding pictures of me with Alex, he has blue eyes and brown bowlish hair, and another of him at X Factor audition

"Amber!" My mum yelled taking the phone out my hand "looking through my stuff!?" 

"I'm sorry it's just that I saw cousin Alex on a magazine and I wanted to see if I was right" 

"Not another word, Leave" she yelled,  I walked past her and to my room. Okay I guess it was wrong to get it with out permission, but why did dad lie about donating it and why is she so mad?!

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