Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


14. so much thoughts

Amber's point of view-

"Oh louis" I said 

"I knew it was a stupid question to ask" he looked down 

"no look louis... I need time to think everything out and it's not-" 

"It's fine... Save it. I don't need pity its fine I can't force you to be mine. Waitress!" He yelled, he handed the waitress his credit card, as she scurried off. I wanted to say something but I was feeling mixed emotions.... 

We arrived back home, louis walking me up to Danielle's door. 

"Did you ring?" He asked avoiding eye contact with me 

"Yes" I said "you can leave" 

louis stood In front of me ringing the door once more he turned around looking at me, turning his face.... Walking away. I stood there It finally opening 

"Amber! You're back" Danielle said "where's Louis" 

"He left" I said, feeling like shit. 

"Left you alone on my door step?... Not even a kiss goodbye or waited with you" she said 

"I told him him to go" 

"Why? How was the date?" 

"Bad... All that boy does is make me feel sorry for him" 

"What do you mean" 

"I mean louis had to go out cause he began to cry.... But then he asked if we were still dating because we never technically broke up and I said I needed time to think and he told me to save it!" 

"Save what?" I walked inside Danielle's house taking my shoes off 

"My pity for him, that he can't make me love him and all I said was I needed time to think! Is that so bad!?" 

"But amber that's all you ever do is think! How bout some action"  She asked closing the front door 

" But there is so much to think about Danielle that's all" 

"What about!" 

"My memory... I haven't done much remembering and well. Well what if I can't remember what was my past and you know" 

"What do you mean" she gave me a tired look 

"Have to start from scratch all over here in doncaster when in Sweden I already have a nice life... Friends, my parents and college" 

"Shut up! Look amber I'm trying hard I really am. But it seems like you don't want to, like over there in Sweden is magical! Here in doncaster is your life! Where you grew up, the boys me! Your friends.... College? Is that what you want then enroll here in London but not some where far like Sweden...." Danielle took a deep sigh, putting her hands through her hair. 

"No I like you guys I do!" 

" but I can't just start new... Forget everything else for you guys" 

"So what are we nothing to you anymore! You know what I'm done amber! Go to Sweden if you want to so badly" Danielle walked away.

"No Danielle it's not like that" I yelled hearing a door slam. I sighed walking to my room.  I closed the door my body sliding against it... What do I want? I thought. I checked my phone seeing it was nine. I got up getting my luggage from under the bed. I opened every drawer taking out my clothes placing them into my luggage. I grabbed my shoes putting them in there as well with any other supplies like my charger and jewels. I searched for paper not wanting to leave the room, I found an old napkin in the drawer. Sitting on the bed to write a letter. 

* Three hours later* 

I set an alarm at 12:00 am, I think midnight would be the best time to leave. I quickly made the bed, setting my note on the night stand. I grabbed my luggage... Phone and bag. I opened the door slowly making my way out. It was peach dark in her house with out any lights on, I found the front door letting myself out. I walked down the stairs continuing to carry my luggage so it wouldn't make noise. I reached the side walk waking down the street. The only light were from the street poles and little shops that were getting ready to start their day. Now do I get a taxi to drive me to the airport or take a bus?... I stopped to stare inside a small bakery the tele  was on a boy with blue eyes an bowlish hair was on it, with a girl, curls but she had blue eyes as well. There was a blonde one and one with a beanie. I sighed, the bakery door opened a old man walking out. 

"May I help you?" He asked 

"Oh I'm sorry... No" I said 

"Are you alright?" 

"Yes... By any chance do happen to know where is the nearest bus stop?" 

"Oh dear, it's about 10 miles from here on foot and they depart in 15 minutes" he checked his watch. 

"Well I better get to waking thank you" I sighed, turning my heel 

"I could give you a lift, I work as a taxi driver and part time I help my wife here at her bakery" I heard and turned around 

"Please" I said, he shook his head taking out keys from his back pocket getting in the car opening the door for me placing my luggage in the back 

"What's your name" he pulled out 

"Amber" I said 

"Well Amber where are you heading?" 

"Airport, perhaps heat throw" 

"Alright" he said, I stared out the window. It seems my time here in doncaster is over. 


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