Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


2. Pizza Parlor


 Amber's point of view- 

"I'm so bored"  I yelled spinning around in a spiny chair 

"Want to eat?" Alina my friend asked 


"Pizza down at that new pizza parlor!" She cheered 

"I could go for some food" I stood up, grabbing my bag. It was a mini brown cross bag, I don't really like those big purses. I got into Alina's car, waiting for her to start the car. 

Minutes later* 

We sat at a table waiting for the waiter to bring up our orders. They actually fixed this place up a bit. I remember an old flower shop being here before. 

"So are you going to give college another shot?" Alina asked. I thought for a moment my parents want the best for me and an education gets me a degree and a career. So I actually tried out college for a year and dropped out, had my parents furious and upset... To bring it up to them once more? 

"I don't know" 

"Decide! I actually already got my books and I'm ready for this" she smiled. I meet Alina when she moved next door to my NaNa, she says she's lived there since she was young and I'm the one who moved in, but I don't remember anything far back it's a blur and once in a while ill get these flashbacks of memories by seeing familiar things. My thoughts broke to the sound of a cell phone ringing. I looked up at Alina answer her phone. I took a drink out my soda waiting for her to finish. 

"Hey do you think tony can give you a ride home?" Alina hanged up her phone standing up 

"Yeah why?" 

"Ok good I gotta run ill tell you later! Love you!" She smiled walking out the shop. Our waiter finally bringing us our pizza

"Thank you" I said to the waiter taking out my phone and texting our best guy friend tony 

To Tony: hey tony are you busy?

I took a bite out my pizza looking around seeing a girl with crazy curly hair staring at me. She smiled telling something to her group of friends then approaching me

"Amber?!" She sat down cheering 

"Uh yes" I looked at her weirdly 

"It's me Danielle! Dani oh my god you dyed your hair and-" 

"Who are you" I cut her off 

"What? You don't remember me?"

"I'm sorry no" her facial expression changed from joy to embarrassed and sad 

"Oh well I'm Danielle your good friend from doncaster, wait this makes no sense how do you not remember" 

"Doncaster? What's that" 

"Your home town!" 

From Tony: no why? 

To Tony: do you think you can stop by the new pizza shop to pick me up? 

From tony: be there in 5 

"My home town is Sweden Maybe You have the wrong girl" 

"You don't even have a swedish accent and No I'm positive it's you, just you dyed your hair lighter shade of brown. Amber can I talk to your parents this is strange for you not to comprehend what I'm saying" 

"Look I'm sorry, I have to go" I said looking at Tony's Audi pull up 

"Amber at least give me a call"  I got up taking my drink, i looked up at Danielle's hand taking the piece of paper walking out the store, opening Tony's door 

"Hey " he smiled as I got in 

"Hey" I said 

"What's up" 

"Nothing" I thought about that girl... I mean the curls and accent did seen a bit familiar

Danielle's point of view- 

I watched amber get up and walk away. I quickly got up as well running To my car, turning it driving behind the Audi. I'm not quite sure if she noticed, but why doesn't she remember me Or Doncaster? I feel like such a weird creep following her but I need answers. I parked my car across from where the Audi pulled up to a beige small house on the other sidewalk. I waited for the Audi to leave and for her to get in her home. I took out a piece of paper writing down her address. Turning my car back on and driving off. 


 (A/N) I'm not sure if this chapter makes sense... but let me know your opinions and suggestions :) I love hearing what the readers have to say. Oh Boy Amber doesn't remember and Danielle doesn't know... must suck! 


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