Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


8. part 1


Next day 

I sat in my room deleting stuff of my phone. Mainly old text conversations or missed calls.Also letting Alina know I can't hang out or anything because i'm out of 'town'. I got up to shower and brush my teeth but Danielle was still sleeping. I tiptoed into her room... She did wake me. I opened her windows walking over to her bed 

"Rise and Shine!!" I yelled yanking her blanket off. Dani groaned turning over. "Wake up" I tried moving her but she wouldn't budge. "Liam's in the living room should I just tell him to go home?" I began walking towards her door

"No!" She sat up a little too fast "telling him I'll be ready for our date in 20 minutes" Danielle jumped out of bed heading to her bathroom

"Em... I was just trying to get you out of bed" I laughed 

"Ha... Ha hilarious... You have me up" 

"Do you really have a date?" I asked taking a seat on her bed 

"Yeah.... I was going to tell you. About the whole plan you might not like it and how this is going to work out... Important information But" Danielle got up running to the toilet 

"Danielle!!" I banged on the door with my hands in a fist. I soon heard the shower turn on. I sighed knowing i had to wait. I walked over to her kitchen opening the fridge. Nothing but rotten vegetables, old tv dinners and moldy juice cartons. Its 1 o'clock  and I'm starving. I sat on the counter putting my face into my palms. 

"Oh dani... Dani.. Dani" I smiled  a bulb clicking in my head. A girl just doesn't leave her keys and wallet at plain site. I grabbed her keys and credit card closing the door. I waved at her neighbors that greeted me. This little apartment/house is really nice. I unlocked her car getting in. I don't remember ways around doncaster but driving around will do. And besides dani wont mind if I use her car and card. I mean I don't have any pounds just kronas.... Besides I'll bring her something to eat. I drove up to a red light taking the opportunity to observe  my surroundings. A small cafe down the road. 

I decided to order  coffee, orange juice, a breakfast burrito an two subs. Entering the key and opening the front door. 

"Im back" I said, shutting the door placing her keys and card back in place. I took the food out the bag, taking a bite from the sub. I then noticed dani wasn't here. I dragged my feet to her room door opening her door, walking to her bathroom door wide open 

"Im back" Danielle stopped applying her mascara to look at me 

"You left?" My mouth dropped wide open and she cracked me a smile 

" I see how it is" 

"No I'm serious I never noticed you left.." 

"I guess you don't get food" 

"Oh my god you're back" Danielle squeezed me into a hug  

"I used your card" I pulled away running to the living room. Danielle after me. I flinched as she lifted her arms. Surprised by her actions she brought me into a hug. 

"Iv'e missed you so much amber" she said hugging me tighter. I took a deep breath. 

"We don't want the food to get cold now do we?" I pulled away handing her an option of a burrito and sub.


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