Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


7. old friends

Amber's point of view- 

I started heating up, I opened my eyes to the sun shinning on my face 

"Oh good you're up!" Danielle yelled, I got scared falling off the bed 

"Oww" I whinnied trying to unravel myself out the blanket. Dani holding her stomach from the laughter "ha.. Ha hilarious" I placed my blanket on the bed rubbing my eyes "what time is it?" 

"Ha um eleven" Danielle said 

"And why are you waking me up?" 

"Well actually I tried moving you but you wouldn't wake up so I opened the window so the sun could hit you" 

"Again why" 

"We're going to visit some old friends now get ready ill be back in 40 minutes" 

"I need a shower!" I yelled before she walked out 

"The bathrooms down the hall" she smiled. I walked down the hall going into the bathroom. Towels are here and shampoo. I locked the door turning on the shower. 

Old friends? I thought looking through on what to wear. I unfolded my light blue jeans, putting them on. I put on my light brown knit long sleeve, that was a bit longer in the back and short in the front. Topping it with a Carmel belt and my everyday bracelets. I folded up my jeans putting on my black boots. As for my hair it was  put into a quick side braid. 

"Amber you ready?" I heard a knock on the bedroom door 

"Yes dani" I said unplugging my phone putting it in my brown cross bag. Walking out to see Danielle fixing her hair. She was wearing black heels with green cargo pants that were similar to skinny jeans. Her blouse a black sheer and her hair was down and curly. She smiled taking the lead grabbing her purse on the way out. 

Minutes later/ 

"Where is this" I asked, dani parking her car. 

"This is Louis house" she smiled. I followed her actions opening the car door and stepping out. I walked up a flower path leading to a door. 

Louis's point of view- 

"Hey Niall just cause my sisters and mum are gone doesn't mean you can touch that" I said placing it back In place. 

"Relax Louis everything will be fine" Liam soothed 

"I know, I just want the-" 


"I'll get it" zayn shouted, I ran to the door pushing him aside. I took a deep breath about to turn the knob but stopped. 

"You don't keep a girl waiting" zayn said 

"What if Danielle was right?" I asked 

"Let's just hope for the best, now come on" zayn said. I turned around this time fully turning the knob. I felt like I couldn't speak as if I just saw a ghost. 

"Zayn" Danielle said hugging zayn, I starred at amber as she shyly hid behind Danielle 

"Amber..." Escaped my lips as she looked up at me, she gave me a weird look then smiled 

"Cousin Alex!" She cheered... What? I looked at zayn who was giving me a confused look. Danielle turned around towards amber telling her something. Ambers cheek became pink as she finally stepped in the house. She looked around examining every aspect of my house. 

"Do you remember me?" Zayn spoke 

"Um" amber started 

"Amber!!" Niall, Harry and Liam came to the living room yelling as they wrapped her in a hug. I saw her cringe then hug back. 

"Oh god we've missed you" Niall said

"You won't Believe the stories we have to tell you" Harry said. Amber looked at Danielle then back at all of us that were starring at her. She was the center in our circle 

"Who are you boys" she said, I felt my heart break. 

"You- you don't know who we are?" Liam choked out    

"I'm sorry" she looked down. I ran my hand through my hair trying to get this through my head. No this is just a scam a trick... I know it is 

"Stop the game" I said 

"Wh-what game?" She turned towards me, for the first time in years making eye contact with me. I bit my lips walking away. 

Ambers point of view- 

Once I had said I don't know these guys they starred at me with sorrow. And when I entered they looked at me Like I was a ghost right before there eyes amazed with me. I had referred to the boy with blue eyes as Alex but Danielle reminded me, that's wrong he's not my cousin. 

"Stop the game" I turned around to him, seeing that he looked annoyed yet upset. 

"Wh-what game" I looked into his blue eyes. They were beautiful... A blue that looked like grey just really nice eyes. He bit his lips, wiping his eyes as he walked away. "Did I say something" I said 

"I'll go talk to him" the one with green eyes said

"Have a seat" the one Danielle called zayn said 

"So um you... You um remember nothing?" 

"Wait you're Liam" I said, his eyes beaming with joy. 

"Yes! Oh amber!" He smiled 

"Danielle showed me pictures of you on the plane" I said 

"Oh so that's how you remember me" I shook my head 

"You don't remember me, I'm Niall!" He asked 

" I'm zayn come on amber think deep inside of you" 

"Look I'm sorry" I shouted looking down fiddling with my thumbs. 

"We're going to set up the food" Danielle said, Liam, Niall and zayn leaving as well. I sat on the couch alone. A coffee table, a television, a small semi recliner chair and a long couch That I was seated on. I looked out the window, I had this weird feeling. 

Danielle's point of view- 

" guys don't bombard her with questions like do you remember this and that!" I said right as we walked into the kitchen 

"I didn't believe you at first" Niall said 

"Same here bro" zayn said 

"Dani has a point okay... Then what do we say" Liam said 

" I don't know, what I do know is she lost her memory"  

"But how" zayn asked 

"I-" I was interrupted by the kitchen door opening Louis and Harry entered, Louis eyes a bit red. Aw poor thing he was crying. We all just starred at one another waiting for someone to speak first. 

"The pastas ready" Liam said breaking the silence, I carried the pot to the sink, pouring out the hot water placing it back on the stove 

"Here's the sauce" Niall opened the bottle 

"Thank you" I murmured, taking out seven plates. 

"I'll take that" Harry took the plates walking over to the table. I smiled as I noticed Liam grating the cheese. 

"Thank you" I kissed his cheek 

"Anything for you" Liam turned around placing his hands on my hips. I starred into his beautiful brown eyes as he smiled giving me a quick kiss on my nose 

"Get a room!" Louis said annoyed 

"How about you go tell amber, dinners ready" I said 

"Why so she can remind me of another misery" Louis walked away 

"Liam, I love you. I can't imagine how Louis feels knowing the girl that he loved can't love him back" I laid my head on his chest 

"I love you too, be thankful we have each other" 

"Oh I am" I smile up at Liam, he tilted his head to kiss my lips. 

Amber's point of view- 

They left me here alone in a living room. I sighed my phone buzzing.... My parents. 

I took a deep breath taking the call. 


"Amber!" My dad yelled into the phone "I thought I told you no" 

"But mum told me I could" 

"She's not in charged In this case. Ember you had me worried sick!" 

"But I'm 19 I can't be daddy's little girl forever. I'm fine...okay, I'm with a friend now I have to go" I hanged up. Looking up at oh... What was his name?... 

"Um... Sorry to interrupt" he said

"Not it's fine..." 

"Uh dinners ready" he turned his heel about to walk away 

"Louis?" I asked, he stopped his tracks turning around looking at me with hope 

"Ye-yes!" He blurred out 

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean for you to get.. Um upset" I stood up. The spark he had in his eyes disappeared he looked down walking away. I walked to where everyone seemed to be entering, the smell of garlic filling the air. Niall and zayn playing with the spatulas as dani served plates. I smiled taking a look around I sat on a stool watching outside, I then turned back to the fridge. Furrowing my eyebrows to the door and window that had a view of the living room. The spat noise of me falling off the stool, Liam rushing to my side to help me up

"Are you alright?" Liam asked once I was back on two legs. All eyes were on me with a worried expression 

"I was um... Eh too much thinking" I tried to laugh it off 

"Thinking about what dear" Liam asked 

"The house" I trailed off walking up to Danielle. She headed me a plate walking to the island grabbing some cheese. Zayn took my plate putting it in the microwave 

"You forgot your garlic bread" Niall said bringing the tray to me 

"Thanks" I took a slice grabbing my plate and joking Harry at the table. Followed by zayn and Liam as Niall took his spot near Harry. My eyes followed Danielle and Louis having a conversation at the kitchen but it wasn't a friendly chat it was more of a 'do what I tell you'. They joined us Louis sitting right I front of me. Danielle on my side center side way of the long table 

"So Louis where's your sisters" Danielle asked 

"they went to go visit my grandpa, and won't be back till Monday" he replied 

"Amber how has life been in Sweden?" Harry asked, I swallowed my spoonful before replying 

"Great actually, I have amazing friends, places to visit and my family" 

"What kind of friends" Niall asked " any cuties?" 

"Um my best friend Alina and tony"  

"Who tony?" Louis looked up waiting for me to answer 

"My best friend..." 

"Best friends with a guy?" Harry asked 

"What's wrong with that" dani gave him a look 

"Nothing but he must have feelings for you... Have you to dated?" Harry took a sip of water 

"No... No! I don't see tony in that way he's just a good friend" 

"So what your saying he's ugly" zayn implied 

"I wouldn't say he's ugly he's pretty fit if I saw so myself, but you know" 

"So this guys fit and he's your best friend but he hasn't asked you out or even hit on you well then" Harry smirked 

"Well once we kissed" 

"Anyway!" Louis interrupted "Liam can you pass the salt" 

Liam: "For what?" 

" Fuck Liam do you need an explanation" Louis got out his seat heading for the kitchen 

"I think I should head home" I said 

" nope we're not done here" dani Said " as we all probably know by now amber lost her memory.... Some of us understand and some of us are having a hard time accepting it But we can help her regain it. Amber does this house bring back any thoughts" I thought for a moment 

"I was thinking about it earlier and that's how I fell out my seat" 

"So you remember" 

"Not exactly" 

" the easiest way is to ask her parents" Liam said 

"I know but I brought her to Doncaster to refresh some things" Danielle said. It was silent, and my pasta was all gone. I looked over at Louis looking away once I caught him starring at me. 

"It's getting late" zayn said looking at around for a clock

"Yeah" I stood up looking at dani. I picked up my plate and cup heading towards the kitchen sink. I turned on the faucet looking around for the sponge 

"I've got it" Louis said 

"Oh no I can do it" 

"You're leaving ill take car of it" he came by my side taking the plate out my hand, our hands slightly brushing against each other 

"Thank you" I walked away, being suffocated into a hug

"Bye amber!" All three of them yelled letting me go 

"Bye Harry, zayn and Niall" I laughed, heading towards Danielle and Liam 

"I love you" Liam said kissing her forehead 

"I love you more" Danielle kissed him back. I pulled her towards the door 

"Liam!" I yelled before we stepped out "I love you"  I teased 

"I love you more!" Zayn yelled, all of us laughing mainly at Danielle's and Liam's annoyed expressions. I hopped in the car waiting for Danielle to start the engine.

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