Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


4. Oh yeah I remember you... wait

Amber's point of view- 

My parents went out to eat on a Friday night. My nana down stairs. I was thinking of inviting Tony and Alina over for a movie night but Danielle. I wanted to tell her I do remember her but only has her appearance I don't remember personality or anything more. I put her number in to my key pad, waiting for her to pick up. 

"Hello?" A soft tone spoke. I stayed quiet for a moment "hello?" She repeated 

"Danielle?" I asked 

"Yes, may I ask who is this speaking?" 

"Um it's me amber" 

"Amber!" I smiled as you could hear a bit of joy in her voice 

"Can we meet up somewhere?" 

"Sure... Um I don't really know Sweden" 

"It's fine the park? Do you know where that is?" 


"Near the pizza parlor but taking a right and going straight" 

"Okay meet you there" I hanged up. I walked over to my closet getting a jacket seeing a trench coat. I'm really tempted to put on that trench coat, glasses and scare her, I laughed. Putting on a leather jacket. I unplugged my phone and hopped in my car. 

Minuets later/ 

I don't think she was here yet. I took a seat on a bench looking at everyone around the place. 

"Amber?" I was startled turning around to see Danielle

"Did I scare you? Am I late I'm so sorry" she said 

"Haha no it's fine" I smiled 

"Well why did you want to meet up?" Danielle asked 

"To tell you... I do remember you..." 

"Oh my god! Amber yay!" Danielle wrapped me in a hug. I didn't want to be mean and not hug back so I did awkwardly " I have so much to tell you and the boys and lo-" 

"But only has appearance. I don't remember your personality or any history we had" I cut her off, she looked at me with watery eyes 

"But why did you even forget in the first place?!" She sat down on the bench putting her face in her hands 

"Look I don't know but I was hoping you can help me remember" I rubbed her back 

"Amber, I'm your good friend Danielle. Do you remember? I was a dance instructor... Which you brought Lottie in to dance. And from there we had instant friendship. I've embarrassed you, stood up for you and been there for you" she looked up at me

"Who's Lottie? And if you were there for me then why did you leave?" 

"Lottie is the sister of Louis? Ring a bell and I didn't leave you did. Back in December third you left to come to Sweden because your parents couldn't pay off the house" Danielle said

"This is too much. You don't know how weird this is" 

"Why is it weird?" 

"How do you know so much about my life and past when I can't even remember what I did last Christmas. Every time I try to think back on these things you tell me it's a blur and it's too much to think of " 

"Look there's a lot more. And I'm not going to stop until you remember it all" 

"Wait you said you don't know Sweden" 


"Then what are you doing here?" I asked trying not to sound too rude 

"I'm a dancer... My dance crew and I were called to performance here in Sweden. We stopped for pizza and I saw you from what felt like years not seeing you I just had to talk to you" 

"So you're from Doncaster?" 

"No actually I'm from Greater, London which is three hours away from Doncaster" 

"Then how did you get to Doncaster" 

"When I was younger I was looking for a dance studio to open for myself. I finally found one in Doncaster that was in my budget. I opened it, a couple of months later I needed people to teach dance to and that's how I meet you" 

"Oh I sighed up for your dance classes?" 

"No Amber..Lottie.. Or if you might remember Charlotte Tomlinson, auditioned for my classes you as her nanny took her to these dance classes and that's how we meet" 

"And you said Lottie is Louis sister.... Well um who's Louis?" I asked, Danielle's phone ringing 

'Hello?' She answered followed by a few 'yes' or 'ill be right there" 

"Amber I have to go practice." Danielle stood up 

"Oh alright" 

"Look tonight is my performance... And after this I'm going back to Doncaster with the boys" I gave her a strange look 

"You have kids?" 

"No.. Haha no the boys, Liam, Niall, zayn, Harry and Louis" 

"Again... Are they your cousins, brothers" 

"There's a lot more for you to remember" 


"But I leave with the boys to Doncaster and the only way you can remember them is if you come along" 

"Oh no...no" 

"At least think about it" Danielle said walking away putting on her shades... I smiled... I remember Danielle and I meeting at a park. But it wasn't this one

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